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Our software is expertly crafted to ensure both customers and employees have an unrivaled digital interaction, designed to bolster productivity and boost positive experiences 

The State of Flow.
"fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus" - Wikipedia

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Process Digitisation

Companies of all sizes are under pressure to present customers and employees with a quick and seamless digital experience

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Process Automation

When fully automating business processes, you need a flexible and scalable tool that compliments the end-to-end customer journey

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eSign Workflow

Whether digitising or automating - or both - you need a powerful workflow platform built to support your compliance requirements

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Consider this

How does a person leave work feeling fulfilled if they don't get to complete their daily tasks?

Leaving work, knowing important tasks are done and dusted, gives people a sense of accomplishment and makes them feel ready and motivated the next day.


Our reason

Our company was founded to help people get more done in a day.

Our software not only makes it easier for people to get their work done, but it automates and continues getting things done, long after everyone has logged off.

How do we achieve this? With a team of people who are highly motivated to inspire, and be inspired.

CEO & Co-founder

Process Digitisation

Digitise, accelerate, and deliver

Everyone has become accustomed to receiving electronic contracts, ordering goods online, and approving banking transactions through an app.

Given the speed and convenience of this digital dynamic, employees are left questioning why internal approval processes are so slow and manual.

Customers expect a fast, digital experience when dealing with companies - regardless of their size.

However, many organisations simply don't have the resources to meet these expectations.

That's about to change. 

Fast, efficient audits - Benefits
Fast, efficient audits - Solution
Easy Authorisations - The Problem
Fast, efficient audits - Burden

Process Automation

Take control, integrate, and automate

For your business to stay competitive in today's rapidly changing marketplace, automation has become more than just a "nice to have" - it has become vital to the success of your operations.

Automation drastically reduces manual effort, giving your business breathing room.

Well-designed business process automation enables successful digital operations, improves scalability, and lets you create engaging digital experiences for your customers.


Licensing the Enterprise

Scalable flat-rate plans to suit any enterprise

When it comes to automating business processes end-to-end, paying per envelope, per document, or per transaction is unaffordable. 

With SigniFlow's Enterprise licenses, there is one flat annual rate, scalable for unlimited usage.

SigniFlow - Unlimited Enterprise License
Find out why more than 20,000+ companies have moved to enterprise-based licenses

With 240+ dealerships scattered across thousands of kilometers selling hundreds of luxury vehicles per week, the BMW group of financiers needed to automate their sales, finance, and insurance processes.

Learn how SigniFlow integrated and fully automated these complex business processes and how we continue to deliver on BMW's digital customer experience promise.

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SigniFlow creates solutions that fuel the modern enterprise
SigniFlow-hosted Private Tenant (Hybrid) eSign Solutions
Gartner recognizes SigniFlow e-signatures

Gartner July 2022 Market Guide for Electronic Signatures

SigniFlow recognised for alternative licensing schemes

SigniFlow is a recognised Gartner vendor.

In July 2022, Gartner recognised SigniFlow's unique approach to self-hosted solutions and alternative licensing schemes in its analysis report.

Products & Features

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eSign Workflow

Whether you are looking for a solution to quickly send documents for approval or signing, or an enterprise tool to automate even the most complex business processes, you’ve found it.

eSignatures in Canada

SigniFlow eSignature document workflow software meets and exceeds requirements for Basic Electronic Signatures and Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES) in accordance with the Uniform Electronic Commerce (UEC) Act.

The Environment

How many trees does your office use?
It takes 24 trees to make 1 ton of  office paper. In other words, 1 tree makes 16.67 reams of paper, or 1 ream = 6% of one tree.

To put this in perspective, an average office of 50 people, each using three reams of paper per month, use around 108 trees per year.

With SigniFlow, the same office uses around 2 trees per year. And that's in toilet paper. (Sorry, not even our super-skilled ninjas can help you there.)

Last year, our customers saved

12 000 TREES




We believe in a digital future that sustains life on earth