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SigniFlow in Chile

SigniFlow software meets and exceeds global requirements for electronic signatures, using cryptographic digital signatures. SigniFlow® Software is distributed through a highly experienced partner network into South America by SigniFlow Limited.

SigniFlow has a large team of software engineers and experienced business partners in the region looking after the local markets.

Electronic Signatures in Chile

Electronic signatures are regulated by Chilean Law 19,799 for electronic documents, electronic signatures and certification services ("LFE" - Spanish). As a general rule, contracts executed by means of electronic signatures are valid with the same effect as those executed in writing. For legal purposes, electronic contracts are deemed to be in writing and their signatures are regarded as valid, with certain exclusions (read more below).

The LFE recognizes two types of signatures, the simple electronic signature ("SES") and the advanced electronic signature ("AES"). Both can be used without distinction to execute acts and contracts, with the exception of the following:

SigniFlow digital signatures assist businesses in Chile in becoming more efficient, and to meet and exceed regulatory requirements for electronic (SES) and advanced electronic (AES) signatures. Get ready to conduct business in a digital world with modernised standards.

Join the digital signature solution that is #1 in compliance for signing documents electronically in Chile.

SigniFlow supports privacy compliance with local data centres and on-premise solutions.

Software that flows

Software that flows
A suite of integrated products to serve the enterprise.
We go far beyond just electronic signatures.


Digital Signatures
Send, sign, track and manage documents.

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On-Boarding Systems
Automate on-boarding forms & contracts.

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Document Automation
Automate the flow of your documents.

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Digital KYC
No-touch digital KYC and AML verification.

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Digital Signing Service
Efficient deployment of advanced electronic signatures.

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Contract Generation
Dynamic document generation with powerful templates.

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The unconventional

The unconventional

We're in the business of replacing traditional eSign solutions everywhere.

Electronic signatures are simply not good enough.

Digital Signatures

The signature has evolved into its most modern form, and its not electronic. We explain the difference between electronic signatures and cryptographic digital signatures.

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Get the latest insights, news, videos and media updates on digital -and electronic- signatures, Know Your Customer (KYC), market stats, trends and more.

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Industry Leadership

Industry Leadership

Accelerate your industry leadership with SigniFlow® Software


It's all about the process
Learn how SigniFlow is assisting Banking and Financial Services customers to digitise the last mile.

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In for the long haul
While you focus on customer service & risk management, SigniFlow has you covered.

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Managing the digital customer
Where digital authentication, identity and security is your number one challenge, SigniFlow is your answer.

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Learn how SigniFlow assists the health care industry by doing the heavy lifting of administration.

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Public Service
Learn how SigniFlow boosts the adoption of digital transformation in the public sector.

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Stringent global security, backed by certified operations.


ISO 9001:2015

Internationally certified quality management systems & opperations.

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ISO 27001:2013

Stringent compliance with the ultimate in information security assurance.

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Certified to meet international requirements for cyber security.

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Compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation.

For the enterprise

For the enterprise

There's no mucking around when it comes to the enterprise.

Services Orientated Architecture (SOA)

Do not change the way you work. SigniFlow's micro-services allow granular RESTful API integration with core systems, enterprise service bus and rules engines.

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Hybrid & on-premise architecture

Ensuring compliance with the most stringent IT security policies. Available for on-premise, private data center, public cloud and various hosted deployments.

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Data Centre Security

Take advantage of our Microsoft Azure hosted offerings with more than 90 compliance certifications. 


Certified competencies in Azure and Microsoft sotware development.


SOC 1, 2 and 3

Safeguard confidentiality and privacy of information processed in the cloud.

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Safeguarding individual identifiable information for the health industry.

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Security standards for defending IT systems and data against cyber attacks.

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The US Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP).

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