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2021: It’s a wrap, folks!

2021 saw the SigniFlow team introducing a number of updates and new features.

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2021 Its a Wrap

As we take stock of the year gone by, we thought we’d dot down some of the awesomeness that was created to improve the lives of our customers.

Thanks to the input from and interaction with our biggest motivator – our customers – we stepped things up a notch or two this year.

Here are some of the highlights:

New look, same great taste

You may have noticed, around the November mark, that the SigniFlow® website underwent a facelift to make it younger, lighter, more appealing. You may have also noticed a little ninja character making appearances. Signi, as our ninja is affectionately called, is our new mascot. He embodies everything needed from a world-class eSignature solution – speed, efficiency, strength and, most of all, confidence.

But aesthetics and ninjas aside, the site’s new do was really about you, our customer. It was the result of an extensive journey, which the SigniFlow team undertook to find out how best to serve you, how to answer your questions, meet your needs and give you what you need – total confidence in the Advanced eSignature solution you have chosen to increase efficiency.


Our new eSignature workflow API, built on OpenAPI, makes integration simpler than ever.

Github and SDK

Building on the OpenAPI spec, we have used an OpenAPI SDK generator to produce SDKs for frequently used languages. These allow developers to springboard when integrating SigniFlow.

Bulk Workflow Creator

This is an auto-processing app we designed to lighten your load. It’s for people who have large amounts of workflows to send out, and no time to waste on individual set up.

To see the app in action, watch our Academy video:  

Bulk Signer

Again, the aim of our game is to save you time and make your life easier. This feature does that by allowing you to sign multiple documents at the click of a button. It also now includes an instant view, so you don’t have to open each document individually. We’ve had great feedback on this, with Bulk Signer being called “life changing” and capable of “saving hours a week”.

Portfolios overhaul

We took one of our top-used features and upped the ante – updating the user interface to bring you more functionality than ever before. Our Portfolios are not to be sneezed at – they crush the envelope, while treading lightly into the contract lifecycle management sphere…Watch this space.      

Enhanced PDF processing

We’ve significantly improved our PDF converter tool to better handle large files and files with large images that are imported from the various supported formats.   

EasiSign audit trail

For ease of use while signing documents, we added the document audit trail to our powerful consumer signing tool, EasiSign. While we were at it, we enriched the downloadable file with more data, for increased compliance.

Improved business email branding

We brought you a brand-new email branding interface, which is more user-friendly, works better with logo graphics and has more colour schemes to choose from.

Payment gateway

Consumers asked for it and we delivered. This year saw the launch of our payment gateway, allowing consumers to “BUY NOW” from the eSign Plans page, available in seven regions globally, in the currency of their choice. Check it out:

Company stamp

You can now insert your company stamp on a document and then seal it with your digital signature.

Digital ID integrations

2021 saw the integration of SigniFlow with an additional three Digital Identity (DID) providers – in Australia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. We also joined the South African Digital Identity initiative and many others like it around the globe.

Enhanced document viewing and navigation

Did you notice the new navigation bar at the bottom of the document viewer? At the request of our engineering customers that work with large-format documents, we went to work and decided to revamp the entire navigator, so that everyone benefits. We introduced a powerful zoom function and made it really easy for users on any screen size to navigate through large documents.

Watch this space

Behind the scenes, we rolled out six new supported languages, including Thai, Chinese, Dutch and Arabic. We soared from six global data centres (DCs) to nine, splitting our UK customers out of the EU into their own DC (BREXIT), and new DCs in Singapore and Malaysia. Our drive to true native cloud is very real, as is our attention to AI and blockchain ledgers…Watch this space! 

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