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HR Headaches? We have the remedy

Human Resources departments that have gone paperless have seen a 35% reduction in the time previously spent on admin.

SigniFlow for HR professionals allows businesses to fully digitise historically paper-heavy processes, from A to Z, enabling a paperless and efficient unit, and happy, stress-free HR managers.

If you are an HR professional, you know this picture all too well: mountains of paperwork, much of which has spilled over from your in- and out-trays onto your desk, where it waits – stained with coffee cup rings – to be completed and filed…if you could only find the time.

That is, unless yours is one of the forward-thinking businesses that has gone paperless, and whose Human Resources departments are enjoying a 35% reduction in the time previously spent on admin*.

The HR department is the heart of a business, being the unit looks after its number one asset – its employees. But it is also notoriously the most paper laden.

Most HR functions include substantial record-keeping and documentation, from the onboarding of employees, all activities throughout their life cycle, and their exit. The resulting paper heaps, hours spent filing and finding documents, and cluttered office space makes for nothing short of a migraine headache.

Fortunately, the remedy is well in reach.

Going paperless is not only a far more seamless and simple process than often expected, it enables a work environment that is significantly more productive, happy, and engaging.

SigniFlow offers a suite of integrated products to fully digitise HR processes, including digital signing of forms, contracts and agreements, workflow and easily indexable digital archives.

The result is a well-oiled HR department that can focus on people and productivity, rather than piles of paperwork.

Two of the features that facilitate the fast and secure organisation of an HR department, are SigniFlow Portfolios and SigniFlow Forms.

SigniFlow Portfolios

SigniFlow’s Portfolios feature for HR professionals has been referred to as “a real lifesaver” by one HR department that has integrated its systems with SigniFlow.

Think of a Portfolio as one of those paper-filled lever arch files you used to keep in the filing room, in the bygone pre-digital days – or an envelope like the papercut hazards you used to use before the days of email.

Back then, you would store multiple documents of a single subject (such as a person, form type, etc) in one file, or you would send a bunch of documents you needed signed in a single envelope – say, via courier. Then, after signing, and appending whatever additional documents you requested, they could return them in the same envelope.

SigniFlow’s Portfolio feature offers the same functionality, only in the digital world. A SigniFlow Portfolio is a named, single file or envelope that can accumulate multiple documents that have been workflowed and signed, in combination with other documents you (or anyone you have shared the portfolio with) have uploaded into the portfolio.

When a SigniFlow Portfolio is downloaded, it is filed as an integrated PDF unit (one PDF containing many PDF files). And, to add further accessibility, although the files are combined in the Portfolio PDF, they are not merged. Each file, document or form can be separately signed through different workflows and approval channels. In this way, the integrity of each document and the digital signatures applied to them, is maintained.

SigniFlow Forms

SigniFlow’s Forms feature allows organisations to build and store fully customised forms based on their respective purposes and the associated requirements.

Users within the organisation can then view, fill in and submit the forms (for signing or approval, depending on the goal) via SigniFlow’s Workflow system. The organisation’s designated admin/s build the forms and make them available to users.

To give a quick idea of how much paper clutter and waste going digital alleviates, consider the list of forms and documents that go with running an HR department:

  • Employee CVs
  • Onboarding forms
  • Paid time off forms
  • Leave forms
  • Expense claims
  • Employee performance reviews
  • Employee complaint forms
  • Employee of the month voting forms
  • Disciplinary action forms
  • Accident report forms
  • Employee end of day reports
  • Job satisfaction surveys
  • Receipt of company property forms
  • Exit interviews
  • Employee reference requests
  • Company policy documents, including:
    • Workplace health and safety
    • Equal opportunity policy              
    • Employee code of conduct policy
    • Leave of absence policy
    • Employee disciplinary action policy
    • Social media policy

And if you are still wondering whether or not to go digital after considering this list, don’t call us…call a doctor!

For more information on our software suite and how we can help you digitise your business for optimal efficiency and productivity, visit our website, submit an online query or call 27(0)10-300-4899.

A survey conducted by the Society of Human Resource Management found that HR departments that had gone the paperless route spent 35% less time on administrative tasks.


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