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SigniFlow and Evrotrust: New Alliance for Business Compliance

SigniFlow & Evrotrust: Powerful new alliance gives businesses compliance certainty
SigniFlow & Evrotrust: Powerful new alliance gives businesses compliance certainty

SigniFlow proudly announces our new partnership with Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) Evrotrust, which will enable our users to comply at the highest levels with eIDAS regulations.

The partnership, forged in the wake of stringent compliance requirements, follows the significant uptake in eSign solutions to enable remote business transacting, in the UK and across the world.

In this post-pandemic, hyper-digital era, most companies are significantly upping their digital investment. Businesses across the world are either adding electronic signatures to their toolkits, or expanding their use of eSignature technology.

SigniFlow and Evrotrust believe the evolution to electronic signature workflows is a logical one, given the value, this technology adds when it comes to keeping business moving in a “new normal” that does not involve in-person interaction.

What does the SigniFlow – Evrotrust partnership mean?

SigniFlow’s partnership with Evrotrust is steeped in eIDAS Regulation. This means that, with the power of Evrotrust-qualified electronic signatures behind our solution, our users have the highest degree of confidence when it comes to eIDAS compliance SigniFlow users will be able to request for a user to sign a document with Qualified Electronic Signatures as and when it is legally required.

From a user perspective, this process is a fast and straightforward one, because it’s all done remotely, in the cloud. No smart cards, card readers or technical know-how is needed. Users can sign a document, with an eIDAS-compliant, qualified e-signature straight from their smart device – in just one click after completing the verification process.

In the past, being able to select a different type of electronic signature was not possible in a completely remote sales cycle. The powerful alliance between SigniFlow and Evrotrust changes that.

Melanie Horn, Regional Director for the UK, EU and Middle East, says the partnership is the right fit for SigniFlow’s platform offering the strongest levels of legal enforceability but remaining flexible and easy to use. “This partnership reinforces SigniFlow’s strategy of offering users multiple electronic signature standards and multiple levels of user verification to comply with the EU & UK eIDAS regulation. This is a game-changer for businesses wanting their clients or employees to sign remotely but at a qualified level – the highest legal standard for digital signatures – and being able to keep the cost to transactional pricing.

“The exponential growth of digital documents and verification, exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, has paved the way for the use of handwritten signatures in an electronic environment, i.e. qualified electronic signatures. Signing with Evrotrust QES is convenient, saves money and optimizes workflows. I think that the partnership between SigniFlow and Evrotrust gives our clients unique solution and driver for growth – typically over 300% in digital channels revenue and 11 times speed up for all processes.” said Valeria Zaharieva, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Evrotrust.

About SigniFlow

With a presence in over 50 countries worldwide, SigniFlow is a core workflow, cryptographic electronic and digital signature engine that works independently or fully integrated with existing core business systems.

Bringing powerful workflow functionality and ease of document distribution to automate any business process, SigniFlow can be deployed as a SaaS or on-premise solution.

Evrotrust is an Identity-as-a-Service start-up that covers the full range of qualified trust services under the eIDAS Regulation. The Evrotrust platform is an end-to-end solution for remote identification and digital signing that enables users to remotely register and authenticate for any service using only their smartphone. Working with Evrotrust empowers any organization to provide excellent user experience while staying compliant with regulations and keeping fraud away.

Currently, Evrotrust has over a million users and has transacted over 8,6 million e-signatures.

You can learn more at Signiflow.

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