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Electronic Signatures

SigniFlow for Sales Teams: Built to help you make target

Paperwork is a drag – literally. SigniFlow digitises sales processes so sales teams can turn leads into customers and meet target, without any holdups.

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SigniFlow for Sales Teams
One of the biggest challenges for sales teams is admin and the paperwork that goes with it.

SigniFlow for Sales Teams: Because nobody hates paperwork more than a good, dynamic salesperson.

Sales Teams: We know what keeps you up at night. It’s the same thing that gets you up in the morning, fire burning in your belly. It’s your driving force, the motivation behind everything you do: Making target.

We also know that there is nothing a good, motivated salesperson detests more than paperwork. And with good reason. The fact is, paper kills productivity. A 2021 Wakefield Research study revealed that 50% of office pros spend more time searching for files, than on actual work.

Salespeople have an immense amount of pressure on their shoulders, and cannot afford to have their enthusiasm curbed, or their time wasted.

Which is why we offer SigniFlow for Sales Teams: Built to help you scrap the paper, digitise and organise your sales processes, and enjoy a hands-free, digital approach to customers and sales. Ultimately, built to help you make target.

Sales Teams’ challenges: Mount Admin

Having learnt the lowdown straight from the horse’s mouth, it’s clear that the biggest mountain sales teams have to climb is admin.

Here’s what some of the salespeople we spoke to had to say:

“There is an immense amount of duplication and admin relating to manual agreements/contracts and the due diligence process involved in managing all those different documents.”

“Our biggest challenge by far is administration. Salespeople can get bogged down with so much admin that they are unable to perform their required function of selling and bringing in money.”

“It’s a huge task, ensuring that paperwork is submitted in a coordinated way that mirrors the sales cycle.”

Sales teams everywhere: We hear you!

The solution we have built for sales teams focuses on speed, organisation, and efficiency and comprises automation and digitisation.

Sales portfolios: Automated document grouping

If you look at the list of documents involved in the sales cycle, it’s clear that anything less than slick, organised systems could spell chaos, lost opportunities, and missed targets: 

  • Proposal documents
  • Quotes from suppliers
  • Contracts between clients and suppliers
  • Account applications
  • Purchase orders
  • Internal order documents
  • Invoices
  • Service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Manual onboarding forms & accompanying documents
  • Statements of work (SOWs)
  • Technical specification documents
  • Proof of concept (POC)
  • Product brochures
  • Proposals
  • Functional requirement documents
  • Business specification doc
  • Functional requirement specifications (FRS)
  • Business requirements specifications (BRS)

SigniFlow Portfolios offer sales teams a centralised repository where contracts, forms and accompanying documents can be grouped and digitally filed together, and a system created whereby each customer has their own portal, which can be shared between salespeople.

From each portfolio, all contracts, forms, invoices, orders, etc can be sent, signed off, managed and stored – and then referenced and easily retrieved at any time by those the portfolio is shared with, via SigniFlow’s search function.

Plus, in cases where documents require a signature (whether from a customer, supplier, or salesperson), the sales team has the option of setting automatic reminders, so the system automatically nudges signatories to sign/approve where required, and all ends can be promptly tied up…Deal sealed.

Internal collaboration: Document sharing between teams

No sales team is an island, and collaboration between sales teams and other key business departments is another area where good organization is crucial for the smooth running of operations.

Sales teams need an organised, efficient channel to collaborate with other teams instrumental in the success of a business:

  • Finance
  • Legal
  • HR
  • Procurement
  • Operations management
  • Customer service

SigniFlow Portfolios allows for internal teams to pool resources and tie projects together in one central digital repository. Once a portfolio is created, access can be granted to the necessary departments, teams or users and those included can send, sign, upload and manage files together. Every time an action is taken in a given portfolio, everyone included in the portfolio is notified.

Again, should internal signatures or approvals be required, the system can send out reminders every morning until the necessary action has been taken.

Customer onboarding: Custom-built systems with fully digital KYC

Another potential hold up in the sales lifecycle, is at one of the very first phases – that of onboarding a new customer. SigniFlow offers sales teams and their customers a fully digitised onboarding experience, from A to Z.

The onboarding solution, which has a management portal built into it, allows for full control and oversight by the salesperson or people involved. It enables you to take your customer on a safe digital journey that starts with beautifully branded digital application forms, backed by advanced eSignatures and a process-driven back office.

  • Transform your account application and customer take-on forms into intelligent, beautifully designed online systems.
  • Digital contracts are generated from the application form and automatically sent for approval and eSignature.
  • Contract terms are dynamically changed to fit the choices that the customer made on the application form.
  • Inject real intelligence into your forms and make sure you are dealing with the correct person online by initiating your onboarding process with SigniFlow’s KYC solution.


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