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Electronic Signatures

SigniFlow partners with CIELTECH to deliver digital signature solutions in the Middle East

SigniFlow and Cybersecurity Solutions Providers CIEL Lebanon sarl & CIELTECH LLC will deliver digital signature solutions in the Middle East to facilitate digital transformation.

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CIELTECH and SigniFlow Digital Signatures in the Middle East
SigniFlow and CIEL Lebanon sarl & CIELTECH LLC have joined forces to ease businesses’ pain points amid the global Covid-19 pandemic.

LONDON – 18 June 2021

CIELTECH and SigniFlow Digital Signatures

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about new pain points for the business world. So, to ease these, SigniFlow and cybersecurity solutions providers CIEL Lebanon sarl & CIELTECH LLC have joined forces. The companies aim to empower businesses in the Middle East with digital tools for contactless B2C and B2B transactions.

SigniFlow was established in South Africa in 2013. The company delivers cryptographic digital signature and document workflow solutions to businesses across the world. SigniFlow’s software went global in 2018, and soon after saw rapid growth, as businesses were forced to employ digital solutions.

In the same way, Middle Eastern countries have seen some of the biggest shifts in their economies and societies over the past 18 months. This shift has lead to the launch of various digital transformation plans.

Sudden switch

So, while digital tools have long helped businesses cut costs, improve productivity, and communicate with customers around the world, the arrival of Covid-19 sped up the natural evolution to digital.

Now, a quick shift from in-person business – to contactless ways of working – is crucial.

On the whole, only a few major competing global vendors have offered electronic and digital signature solutions in the past. However, the partnership between CIELTECH and SigniFlow changes that. The powerful alliance makes SigniFlow’s digital signature technology available to multiple solutions providers.

Powerful partnership

Chairman and President of CIELTECH, the Honourable Dr Salah Rustum, says the collaboration with SigniFlow is a milestone. “[The partnership is] the cornerstone for generations to come. The solid ground this teamwork and partnership is built on has primed the company to open new horizons for the region, in terms of going digital by adding high-level signatures, along with UAE Pass and similar decrees of the MENA region”.

Companies can deploy SigniFlow as a SaaS cloud-based or on-premise solution. The software brings enables seamless document distribution to automate any business process.

Director of Sales and Development for SigniFlow in the Middle East, Greig Orrell, says the partnership opens significant opportunities for digital growth in the Middle East. “The US and Europe use e-signatures widely. However, the adoption of the technology in the Middle East has been less prevalent. Our partnership with CIELTECH allows us to deploy our digital signature platform in the Middle East, and keep personal data safely in the region. This emphasises the solution’s core qualities of security and compliance, along with the advanced integrations with local Digital ID and Electronic Know Your Customer (e-KYC) programs.”

About CIELTECH LLC and CIEL Lebanon sarl

CIELTECH LLC was established based on the existing business of a Lebanese company CIEL Lebanon sarl founded since 1974. CIEL is a leader in global trust on the net based on internationally accepted standards. CIELTECH Electronic Digital Signature and its derivatives shall occupy a milestone in safety over the wild Internet and in safe communications in Qatar, the MENA Region, and throughout the Arab Gulf States. For more information, please visit

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