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Electronic Signatures

Unlimited Electronic Signature License for the Enterprise

Submitted by David Saunders, SigniFlow Regional Director – ANZ I APAC

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Unlimited electronic signature licensing for the Enterprise

It is time for gift-giving as we near the end of the year and get closer to the festive period. And, as we all know, some gifts are wanted, others not, and some last longer than others and have greater utility year after year.

SigniFlow’s unlimited licensing model is one of those gift ideas for companies that have everything. With Unlimited Licensing, not only will you see immediate money savings, but there are also surprising benefits over time that you will enjoy.

Read on for more on how unlimited licensing keeps giving back, year after year.

Scale without limitations

Traditionally, electronic signature software is sold under a per-user, per-envelope or per-document license. This licensing method is inefficient for large companies with many employees, or a high volume of transactions, looking to digitise their business operations in line with budgetary requirements.

SigniFlow’s unlimited electronic signature license removes all these limitations, assisting companies in scaling electronic signatures across their operations.

Depending on your needs, the SigniFlow unlimited electronic signature license offers unlimited API calls, which can create accessible avenues to integrate distributed IT components, such as application connectors, data streams and document workflows. All this, without the worry of user and usage caps.

For contracting and operational simplicity, this is a godsend for companies who:

  • Have large, distributed teams;
  • Run complex IT systems;
  • Serve a large customer base; and/or
  • Are growing rapidly.

Demystifying the myth that electronic signatures are only for electronic signing of contracts

It is a common myth that electronic signatures are basically just used to sign agreements electronically, but this could not be further from the truth.

Electronic signatures can be integrated with other automation technologies to build fully digital, automated internal processes and workflows that boost operational efficiencies and empower workers.

For example, an insurance policy document could include hundreds of pages of information that require a signature from the insured, and others not. In the past, it was common to create an insurance document portfolio by typing out free-form letters, adding pre-printed brochures, editing templates, and customising graphics with the required information – before manually sorting all the documents into one envelope, and mailing it to the insured.

SigniFlow has automated and digitised this process for its insurance clients by deploying middleware, such as the SigniFlow Event Handler. All events in the workflow are managed by the Event Handler, such as calling certain internal systems to gather client information, prepopulating predefined document templates, submitting them to the admin team for approval, adding signers, and sending them electronically for signature.

Once the documents have been electronically signed, the Event Handler receives an update, and the documents are rerouted back to the Enterprise’s preferred choice of location, such as DMS, CRM or ERP.

With an unlimited electronic signature solution, companies can embark on similar digitisation projects and go beyond the traditional use case of electronically signing agreements, without worrying about the budgetary spill overs often associated with per-envelope or user-based billing.

Is unlimited licensing a good fit for your business?

When trying to decide whether to enter an unlimited licensing agreement, it is imperative that the business knows its current license position, costs and forecasted requirements to measure and plan accordingly.

Unlimited license usage can be great for some businesses, but it isn’t necessarily the right model for every business.

During the decision-making process, customers should define multiple license usage scenarios, ranging from the most conservative to the most aggressive.

Based on these usage scenarios, the business can draw conclusions and determine the type of licensing required.

Ideally, the business’s IT team should also get involved and understand the processes that need to be digitised, as well as where the software will be deployed – on-premises, or self-hosted.

One size does not fit all

It would be impractical for businesses to immediately deploy an unlimited solution, fronting a heavy price tag, when each business unit may differ, and with some requiring integration into core applications before they can realise the full benefits of an unlimited eSign solution.

SigniFlow’s unlimited electronic signature licensing can be scaled over a predetermined period, with the enterprise project team defining critical milestones over 12 months.

By rolling out in stages, our clients have time to evaluate their business goals, introduce improvements to stakeholders, and continually optimise the digital experience, without impacting their user base.

These stages can be invoiced periodically before the full enterprise license comes into effect, streamlining contractual obligations and license renewals on a single anniversary date.

Enhancing the customer’s digital experience

Being able to offer a slick digital customer experience has become a necessity for businesses to stay relevant in a hyper-competitive digital world.

Standout experiences attract and retain customers, while also reducing servicing costs and complaints. Customer journeys and supporting processes must be reimagined, and the rewards can be substantial, but the execution is complex.

It is only after defining what that digital experience should be that a business can build the processes and technologies that will support it.

SigniFlow’s unlimited electronic signature licensing is a tool that reduces the complexity of customer engagement and narrows down the scope of systems required to deliver a superior digital customer experience.

Only when a business has defined what that experience should be can it figure out how to build the processes and technologies needed to support it.

With SigniFlow’s unlimited electronic signature licensing and custom middleware, companies are making this reinvention leap, orchestrating the digital experience, keeping it focused on customer needs, inspiring people, and making sure the company does not limit its new vision by the way it does things today.

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