Change language

This video takes you through the process of changing the language your view your SigniFlow menu and system in. Depending on your region server you are accessing SigniFlow from, you have the option of changing the interface language from English to French, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Vietnamese. You can select another language either from the login screen (top right-hand side of the screen) or from your SigniFlow interface, as shown in this video.

Length: 1:41 min

Total length of lesson

Forgot password

So you forgot your happens. Which is why we've made it quick and simple for you to reset your password from the very same login screen you find yourself staring blankly at. This video takes you through the quick & easy process of resetting you password when memory fails you.

Length: 1:57 min

Total length of lesson

SignFREE activation

This video takes you through the quick and simple process of creating a SigniFlow account from an email sent to you from your organisation. From start to finish, the process takes mere minutes and you are guided step by step by our system.

Length: 0:54 sec

Total length of lesson
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