Signing for the first time - Part 1

If you're new to SigniFlow, this video will take you through the ins and outs of signing a document for the first time. Starting with the creation of a workflow, and ending with two signers completing the document, you'll get an overview of general signing.

Length: 4:25 min

Total length of lesson

Signing for the first time - Part 2

New to SigniFlow? Then this video is a great place to start. This is part two of a guide on first-time signing. Adding on to Part 1 - which shows you how a workflow is created, how it looks to signers, and how it is signed - Part 2 adds a little more detail on the process, including how to set up your unique signature. You will see the various options you have when it comes to deciding on the appearance of your signature, and get a preliminary understanding of the essence of our signing tool.

Length: 2:32 min

Total length of lesson

Initial document

This video shows you how to apply your initial to a document in SigniFlow. The guide takes you throught the process, from initial placing by the document originator, to application of the initial by the designated signer.

Length: 3:57 min

Total length of lesson

Bulk signer workflow

Bulk Workflow Creator is an app designed to lighten your load. It's for people who have large amounts of workflows to send out, and no time to waste on individual set ups.

Length: 2:01 min

Total length of lesson

Face to Face Signing

Face-to-Face Signing is a feature SigniFlow added to allow for ordinary electronic signatures to be turned into cryptographic digital signatures, on the fly. This video will take you through the process of adding a face-to-face signer (witness) to a document, as well as signing the document.

Length: 2:34 min

Total length of lesson
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