Signing for the first time - Part 1

If you're new to SigniFlow, this video will take you through the ins and outs of signing a document for the first time. Starting with the creation of a workflow, and ending with two signers completing the document, you'll get an overview of general signing.

Length: 4:25 min

Total length of lesson

Signing for the first time - Part 2

New to SigniFlow? Then this video is a great place to start. This is part two of a guide on first-time signing. Adding on to Part 1 - which shows you how a workflow is created, how it looks to signers, and how it is signed - Part 2 adds a little more detail on the process, including how to set up your unique signature. You will see the various options you have when it comes to deciding on the appearance of your signature, and get a preliminary understanding of the essence of our signing tool.

Length: 2:32 min

Total length of lesson

Initial document

This video shows you how to apply your initial to a document in SigniFlow. The guide takes you throught the process, from initial placing by the document originator, to application of the initial by the designated signer.

Length: 3:57 min

Total length of lesson

Face-to-Face Signing

Face-to-Face Signing is a feature SigniFlow added to allow for ordinary electronic signatures to be turned into cryptographic digital signatures, on the fly. This video will take you through the process of adding a face-to-face signer (witness) to a document, as well as signing the document.

Length: 2:34 min

Total length of lesson

Change system language

In this video, we will show you how to change your system’s default language, which will take effect in the EasiSign workflow process. This feature is useful for when the user you are sending to has not worked with SigniFlow before, and is not English speaking. The ‘Change Language’ feature allows you to translate the system’s default language the preferred language, and also allows you to set the system so that the recipient views the interface in the relevant language as soon as they start interacting with the system.

Length: 4:03 min

Total length of lesson

Sign all: How to apply multiple signatures with just a click

In this video we show you how to apply multiple signatures with the click of a button in EasiSign, SigniFlow’s signing interface. Our ‘Sign All’ feature is one of the time-savers we’ve introduced to help you work smarter and faster. It’s useful for instances in which there are many signatures required on one or more documents.

Length: 1:58 min

Total length of lesson

How to download a document

This video shows you how to download and save a document from SigniFlow's signing interface, EasiSign. You can download a document at any stage during a document's lifecycle. For the sake of this tutorial, we download the document from the 'Completed' document repository (basket). Please note: While it does not impact the ability to download a document, downloading a document before it has been actioned by all the users included in its workflow will mean the document is not yet cryptographically sealed.

Length: 2:15 min

Total length of lesson

How to view a document’s audit trail in EasiSign

This video demonstrates the process of accessing a document's audit trail (referred to as an 'audit log') using the EasiSign interface. You have two options for accessing the audit trail: you can either go to the appropriate basket in your account, such as 'Completed', 'Circulating', 'Rejected', and so on, or you can access it directly while viewing the document in SigniFlow's signing interface.

Length: 1:49 min

Total length of lesson
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