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Electronic Signatures

Revamped and Ready: New look for eSignatures

SigniFlow Signatures New Look and Feel

With the continuous growth of digital and electronic signatures, eSignature solutions must remember that digital and electronic signatures require both efficiency and aesthetics.  

Long gone are the days when a simple and uninspiring eSignature was the way to go. At SigniFlow, we understand the importance of streamlined processes that are crafted to balance sophistication with design. 

We have invested significant time and resources into developing and updating our electronic and digital signatures that deliver unparalleled functionality and delight the user visually. 

Ready to take a dive into just how we achieved this? Let’s do it: 

SigniFlow users will have access to a new look and feel on the signature design page. Here you will be able to adjust your signature settings. 

User settings 

You have the flexibility to use the new SigniFlow Signature Font, or another font of your choice, craft your signature, or seamlessly upload an existing one. Providing you with a wide range of options to ensure your signature looks and feel exactly the way you want it to look. 

Administrator settings 

System administrators still have the ability to override the user’s signature settings in the “My Business” admin section under “Settings” and “EasiSign Config” to ensure consistency and compliance with business rules. 

Another exciting feature is the new “Basic signature” setting. This is a good way to ensure a consistent signature that displays all the basic signature information in plain text on your documents. 

In addition to existing functionality, we added additional fine-tuning to how your signature displays your information on the document. You can now also simply toggle the relevant settings under the “Additional Options” section on the same page.  

The new options include:  

  1. Middle names — You can choose whether your middle name(s) display in the signature. 
  2. Show your surname first — You can choose whether your family name displays in front of, or after your first name. 
  3. Initialise first names — Too many first names? Choose that the signature only displays the first letter of each name with your family name, for instance, “AA Morgan” instead of “Alex Avery Morgan”.  

Presenting a new font like no other 

The new default signature font was carefully crafted to bolster aesthetics and consistency for those who choose to sign with a font-based signature. It not only displays beautifully, but it also caters for special characters, has multi-language support and better display handlers for shorter and longer names.  


We’ve made it simpler than ever to draw and capture your signature on the system. Whether you use a notebook trackpad, a mouse, or your finger on the screen to capture your signature, our smoothing technology turns any shaky hand into a professional stylus.    

Draw on mobile 

Turn your phone into a signature pad by simply scanning the 3D bar code. Once you’ve captured your signature on your phone screen it will automatically update the signature image in your signature profile.  

Upload scanned signature 

Have a scanned image of your signature that you would instead use? Simply choose “Upload” and select the image you want to use as your signature.

Signature pad and other capturing devises 

We support a wide range of USB signature pads and capturing devices to capture signatures, or to use with SigniFlow in retail environments. 


These updates are only available in version v2023.22.0.0. The new version not only provides you with beautiful new signature design tools, it also allows your signatures to be consistent, while ensuring the same levels of compliance with signature laws.

Check out our Release Notes for more details on exciting SigniFlow updates.   

Not a client yet, but love what you see. Be sure to book your demo here. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a professional Ninja, you can get in contact with us here.  

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