SigniFlow Hybrid technology is literally the coolest thing since bubblegum

Hybrid Technology eSignature Document Workflow Software that can be deployed in our cloud, your cloud, or on-premise.

We're all about security and choice. SigniFlow's Hybrid technology is industry-leading and available only from SigniFlow.

Confidence in Security.

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Hybrid Technology

SigniFlow Hybrid technology allows any customer, in any location, to rapidly deploy their own SigniFlow instance in almost any environment, and in any location.

The tech does all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to cryptography, identity management, and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

In addition, it also caters to high-security use cases, where SigniFlow software needs to be deployed on-premise, behind a private firewall.

Hybrid Architecture

Supported data centres:
  • On-premise
  • Enterprise Data Centre
  • Hyperscale Data Centre (Azure, AliCloud, AWS, GCP, etc.)
  • Telecoms Data Centre

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Supported deployments:
  • HyperVisor Virtual Machine (VM)
  • Modernised containerised cluster (e.g. Kubernetes)
  • Legacy deployment - Windows IIS
SigniFlow Hybrid Technology

High-availability & Security

SigniFlow is an events-based system comprising of multiple web components that can run in isolated environments, which are separated by firewalls or a demilitarised zone.

  • Web Presentation Layer
    • Multiple VMs with load-balancing, or multiple containers in single, or multiple VMs for H/A
  • Application Layer
    • Document Management Interface (DMI) File system
  • Windows Services
  • Database Layer
    • Singular web server, single DB
    • Multiple web servers, single DB
    • Database cluster
  • Document Storage Layer
    • SAN
    • NAS
    • Server HDD
    • Hyperscale Storage (Azure Fileshare, etc.)
  • OpenAPI v3 Layer
    • Web Service API
  • Middleware Layer
    • Event Handler

Core Deployment Features

Hybrid Hosting Options

We Host

SigniFlow offers hosting of customer Hybrid instances in any of our industry-leading, certified data centres globally.

Hosted Hybrid instances are segregated from the general cloud, and deployed in modern containerised nodes. Each instance has its own web URL, web layers, file systems, and a separate database for the ultimate in information security.

All platforms are actively monitored and come standard with 24/7/365 support (SFCare).

Hosting packages are flexible, scalable, configurable, and customisable to specific customer requirements.

You Host

SigniFlow self-hosted solutions offer customers who want to host their SigniFlow instance themselves, a truly enterprise-grade solution.

Self-hosted solutions are more economical and backed by SigniFlow's 24/7/365 SFCare agreement for total peace of mind.

We support legacy Windows IIS, HyperVisor virtual machine (VM) environments and modernised containerised clusters.

Ideal for customers such as banks and larger enterprises, which have higher security and data privacy demands. In-house experience in hosting enterprise-class software is preferable.

Advantages of Hybrid

Hybrid customers enjoy reduced user-license costs, as these scale according to volume.


  • Unique company branding options
  • Unique email branding options
  • Multi-tenant or single-tenant configurations
  • Active Directory (AD/LDAP) integration
  • SSO and multi-factor authentication
  • Free SharePoint connector
  • Free MS O365 connector
  • Custom API options
  • Custom Event Handlers (middleware) options
  • Custom high-availability (H/A) configurations
  • Custom security
  • Open-enterprise licensing available
  • Production, pre-production, and UAT licensing options
  • User-based licensing or transaction-based licensing options
  • API-based licensing options
SigniFlow Hybrid

Robust Hybrid Integration

Integrating with our Hybrid technology is the most secure and robust way to ensure privacy and legislative compliance.

Event orchestration through intelligent middleware

The SigniFlow Event Handler is a bi-directional middleware platform that fires event updates from SigniFlow to any receiving system, and in turn receives trigger-events to orchestrate workflows.

  • Core banking systems
  • Finance systems
  • Third-party software applications
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Rules engines
  • Document Generation (DocGen)
  • Customer Relationship  Management (CRM)
  • Document Management Systems (DMS)
  • Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS)
  • Accounting and ERP systems
  • Workflow engines
SigniFlow Integration
SigniFlow - Six Process Blocks Hybrid API

24/7 Support

We get your office hours
Finally, a software company that has actual people giving its customers and their customers 24/7 online support, for free. Our support ninjas are the best in the game.


Industry-leading infrastructure
Connect to any of our 8 international Data Centres and experience true 99.9% uptime. Over the past 24 months, we've exceeded our 99.5% uptime target accross all regions.


IT Security Management
Our Information Security Management System is ISO27001:2013 certified and our Quality Management System is ISO9001: 2015 certified by TÜV Rheinland.


Compliance is our game
SigniFlow's international, segregated security infrastructure ensures customer data is processed in accordance with the most stringent international privacy and cross-border data protection laws like GDPR, LGPD and POPI. SigniFlow eSignature complies with the EU eIDAS Regulation, the US ESIGN Act, the South African ECT Act and many other regulations around the world, including countries like Australia, United Kingdom, United Emirates, Qatar, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and many more.

To find out more about eSignature regulations in your country, contact us for a free consultation.

24/7 Online support

We understand your office hours. SigniFlow offers 24/7 online support to all customers.

No matter where you are and no matter what time it is, we are always online to help you meet your deadlines.

SigniFlow 24/7 Support
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