SigniFlow Advanced eSign for the insurance industry

In a competitive landscape where it's all about service delivery to the remote customer, the insurer that offers the most convenience, gets the client

Accelerate your contract delivery process and reduce static risk with SigniFlow for Insurance

Confidence in Convenience.

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The Insurance Chain

It's all about service delivery. The insurer with the fastest, most convenient system, gets the deal.

Underwriters have an obligation to brokers, intermediaries and customers alike.

The customer, who demands convenience and compliance, buys peace of mind from a broker.

SigniFlow delivers on both.

Increase compliance, while delivering true digital convenience.


It's never been easier to deliver convenience and stay compliant at the same time

A tool that brings it all together, and delivers convenience

Insurers everywhere have spoken and we've listened. We get you. Delivering electronic contracts quickly, while keeping everything legally compliant, is a balancing act.

Long-term and short-term insurance each have their own challenges. Customers demand convenience on the front-end, while the law demands compliance. SigniFlow delivers speed and convenience on the front-end, and compliant systems on the back-end.

You need more than just eSign workflow, you need a tool that understands insurance.

The Digital Insurer

SigniFlow - Digital Insurer
Sign contracts quickly and remotely
SigniFlow makes it easy for insurers to send contracts to remote customers for eSignature. Standard with trackable workflows, automated reminders, automated filing and detailed audit logs.

Convenient Insurance

SigniFlow - Insurance Convenience
The early bird catches the worm
Get your insurance policies delivered faster and more accurately. Automate the customer journey and go fully digital with SigniFlow Connect. All this, while increasing compliance.

Meaningful Engagement

SigniFlow - Insurance Broker Engage
Imagine a world where brokers visit customers to engage in meaningful conversation
that is not about paperwork and signing policies.


Across the enterprise

Discover how SigniFlow connects enterprise teams

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Join over 100,000 happy customers

  • Free digital signature
  • Three free outbound workflows
  • Unlimited inbound workflows
  • 50 Document cloud storage
  • Office 365 Plug-ins

One planet, one chance to do it right

In the Spotlight

As leaders in specialised risk for more than 30 years, Lombard Insurance Company Limited needed a digital intermediary system with easy access to agencies and partners.

Lombard operates in a complex, regulated environment that deals with agencies, partners, and brokers (and their specialised clientele).

Building a system of this nature would be no easy feat.

A story of success
Utilising a comprehensive stack of SigniFlow technologies, custom development and integration, Lombard launched their state-of-the-art Intermediary Management System (IMS) in 2020, powered by SigniFlow.

The system has been touted by those in the know as "an absolute game-changer". Cover Magazine’s Tony van Niekerk interviewed Lombard's Doug Laburn and Graham Charlton about the IMS platform. Read more here.

Leading insurers that can say "Eureka!"

Accelerate the digitisation of your insurance company with SigniFlow Software

PSG-INSURE Insurance
Discovery Group - Health Care medical insurance
Leppard Insurance

Medshield Medical Scheme
Bonitas Medical Scheme
PPS Insurance

Know Your Customer

SigniFlow offers basic authentication, two-factor authentication, Digital Identity as well as digital KYC and AML (Anti Money Laundering).

We build and design electronic onboarding systems to help you comply with regulations.

We've gone the extra mile to ensure our Advanced eSignatures are legally binding and compliant with eSign and Privacy legislation.

SigniFlow - Know Your Customer Identity Solutions

24/7 Support for Insurers

We understand your office hours. SigniFlow offers 24/7 online support to all customers.

No matter where you are and no matter what time it is, we are always online to help you meet your deadlines.

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