What is Digital Identity?

In an online world, Digital Identities consist of information that is used by computer systems to represent an external entity – in this case, a person. This information allows for the authentication of a user by a government or business, via a web system, and without human interaction.

SigniFlow’s trusted Digital Identity integrations allow for single sign on (SSO) that empowers citizens so they can easily execute digital transactions while giving governments and businesses total confidence to transact with them.

Confidence in Knowing.

Why Digital Identity?

With a surge in digital systems – and societies’ reliance on them - the need for trusted Digital Identities has become crucial.

Primarily, the systems that have emerged around the world aim to establish trust and accountability.

Where trust in Digital Identities is strong, systems and innovation flourish.

Individuals are able to transact online, in various contexts, and their Digital Identities give governments and businesses surety that they are who they say they are.



As governments and other digital identity providers come online, SigniFlow continues to integrate and provide a strong identity for eSignatures.

SigniFlow has integrations with the following Digital Identity systems across the world:

  1. Log in with Singpass (Singapore) for strong login identification
  2. Sign with Singpass (Singapore) for digital signature
  3. Digital ID (Australia) for strong login identification
  4. UAE Pass (Arab Emirates) for strong login identification
  5. pbVerify eKYC (South Africa) for strong login and eKYC identification
  6. POS Digicert (Malaysia) for strong login identification, digital signature and eKYC
  7. Clave Unica (Chile - Citizens) for digital signature
  8. Segpres (Chile - Government) for digital signature
  9. ICP Brazil (Brazil) for digital signature (USB token, integration)
  10. InFile (Guatamala) for digital signature
  11. TrustPro (EU eIDAS Qualified) for Qualified Electronic Signature
  12. GlobalSign (EU eIDAS Qualified) for Qualified Electronic Signature
  13. GlobalSign (Global AATL) for digital signature and digital signing service (DSS)
  14. GlobalSign (Asia Pacific AATL) for Advanced Electronic Signature
  15. TrustFactory (South Africa AATL) for Advanced Electronic Signature

For a more comprehensive list, please contact us.

Benefits of Digital Identity

The objective behind using trusted Digital Identities is authentication. It all boils down to trust and, ultimately, total confidence during an interaction between governments, businesses, and citizens online.

That said, the benefits of trusted digital identities extend beyond verification of identity, for both parties involved:

  • Increased ease of use of online systems
    • Paying accounts
    • Opening bank accounts
    • Applying for credit
    • Job applications
  • Sign documents online
  • Identity protection
  • Fraud prevention
  • Protection of all parties involved in online interaction
  • Risk management

In addition to the Digital Identity offerings, SigniFlow also offers eKYC, facial recognition, liveness detection, and global identity verification solutions.

Why choose SigniFlow?

Increased Security

World-class, industry-leading modern infrastructure and technology that addresses the security use case.

More Choice

Brand it your way, deploy it where you want it, and sign with the compliant eSignature type of your choice.


A solution that offers peace of mind and simplicity, without compromising on security or compliance.


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