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Process Automation - API-LED

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API-led Automation process

API-led Automation

Due to the complexities of IT architecture, API-led integration forms an important part of any modern process automation strategy.

Most processes are triggered by some form of manual data capture - such as web forms or onboarding applications - which in turn push the captured data to one or more business system for execution.

Most modern business systems (ERP, ECMS, DMS, etc.) have built-in capabilities to kickstart automation. However, these often lack the sophistication needed to give employees and customers a seamless digital experience.

SigniFlow's unique approach to API-led integration fills this gap. Our system uses intelligent middleware, which can be configured to execute workflows for approvals and signatures via event orchestration.


Event Orchestration

SigniFlow slots into any enterprise ecosystem to deliver critical last-mile workflow efficiency through a microservices-oriented approach and a powerful event orchestration tool.

The Event Handler is a bi-directional middleware platform that fires event updates from SigniFlow to any receiving system, and in turn, receives trigger events to orchestrate workflows.

  • Core banking systems
  • Financial and accounting systems
  • Healthcare and e-scripting systems
  • Third-party software applications
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Rules -and decision -engines
  • Document generation tools (DocGen)
  • Customer Relationship  Management (CRM)
  • Document Management Systems (DMS)
  • Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS)
  • ERP systems
  • Workflow systems

Process Automation - Business SystemsProcess Automation - SigniFlow Integrated
*All logos displayed represent business systems that integrators have integrated with SigniFlow. The logos and trademarks belong to the respective owners and do not necessarily suggest a partnership with SigniFlow. The list is not exhaustive of the systems SigniFlow is compatible with.

SigniFlow fuels automation that improves the customer experience while drastically reducing manual effort

Api-led automation
Up to 75% reduction in manual effort when processes are fully automated
event orchestration
Some customers have reported up to 6-fold increase in sales volumes after automating
Digital experience
Up to 88% of our customer's customers prefer an end-to-end customer journey
Enterprise licensing
Enterprise licenses that are up to forty percent more cost effective than major automation competitors
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A process automation use case

Alex, in vehicle sales, needs their customer to sign a sales agreement
  • Alex captures customer details on the dealer's front-end system.
  • The front-end system then pushes the data to SAP, their ERP system.
  • The customer is vetted, and the deal is approved!
But before Alex can pop the champagne and put a red ribbon  on the vehicle, the customer must first sign the sales, warranty, and insurance agreements - a tedious and complex task...Or is it?
  • Alex asks the customer whether they will be coming in to the branch to sign, or if they want to sign remotely.
  • The customer says they will be out of the country, so Alex needs to send the required documents to their mobile device.
  • Alex chooses the remote sign option on the front-end system, which then triggers the automation in SigniFlow.

Automation in action

  • The front-end system automatically pushes the documents and event triggers to the event bus (event handler).
  • Document templates are applied and the workflow is automatically created in SigniFlow.
  • SigniFlow sends the workflow link to the customer via email, and updates the event bus.
  • The event bus pushes the update to the front end.
  • Alex keeps an eager eye on progress in their front-end system.
  • The customer receives the link and is authenticated.
  • The customer reads the contract and signs it digitally.
  • SigniFlow updates the event bus with every action.
  • Alex sees the customer has signed and activates the order.
  • The process repeats for every signer until completed.
  • Once completed, SigniFlow updates the event bus with the completed status.
  • The event bus sends the completed documents to the business's content service and updates the ERP system and the dealer front-end system.
Process Automation - Events-based Automation

Alex sees the final update, rings the bell, and pops open a bottle of champagne.

Well done Alex!

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