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Financial Services  

Accelerate your delivery process by digitising your agreements with SigniFlow for financial services 

Process Automation

In financial services, it's all about service delivery and professionalism that wins the deal. Sending customers a PDF document to fill out and print is simply no longer acceptable.

SigniFlow deploys middleware capabilities that seamlessly communicate events between the core financial systems , front-end or branch-systems and the signing platform.

Finance Agreements

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just shake on it? It would be, but in reality compliance with KYC and signing financial agreements is here to stay. It's all about meeting compliance, whilst keeping business happy.

SigniFlow was built to automate the financier as well as please the consumer in delivering secure and beautiful financial agreements.

In the spotlight

With 240 branches scattered across thousands of kilometres selling hundreds of luxury vehicles per week, the BMW group of financiers needed to automate their sales, finance and insurance processes.

BMW has a diverse IT landscape with a multitude of moving parts, which generates sales leads, quotations, sales contracts, insurance agreements and warranty commitments. All of these had to be automated, digitised, templated and professionally presented to their upmarket clientele for signature.

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SigniFlow and BMW Group

BMW Financial Services
A story of success.
Utilising a comprehensive stack of SigniFlow technologies, BMW Financial Services now has an end-to-end digital sales process and document automation environment that also manages the physical registers in the document vault.

Technology stack

Learn more about the technologies deployed at BMW Financial Services.

Leaders in financial services using our tech

Accelerate your financial services business with SigniFlow Software.



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