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Seamless workflow creation

We're always looking for new ways to boost the functionality of our system, so our customers can work within the platforms they use, with ease and speed.
Our range of Microsoft add-ins was built to enable you to move directly from your favourite MS applications to your workflow, and get your documents signed or approved quickly and easily.


Confidence in Productivity.


What is SigniFlow for Microsoft 365?

An easier way to workflow files & documents.

SigniFlow for Microsoft 365 is a free add-in that enables users to directly send documents for signing in SigniFlow from Outlook, Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Collaborate before signing

Agreements are not always straightforward, but sending documents back and forth for revisions is ineffective.

SigniFlow MS add-in allow you to share access to any of your Microsoft documents with your team or customers, and when everyone's given the thumbs up, you can send it straight to SigniFlow for sign-off or approval.

Systematic, fast, and easy.


Free & versatile

SigniFlow's Microsoft 365 add-ins are available for free to all licensed users, and can be used on any device on which your Microsoft apps are installed.

Whether you're in the office, at home, on the road or in the air - SigniFlow for Microsoft 365 will help you get business done seamlessly, thoroughly, and quickly.


What is SigniFlow for SharePoint?

An easier way to manage your documents & workflows

SigniFlow for SharePoint increases your business productivity by enabling your teams to easily automate document processes.

This add-in instantly transforms your SharePoint 2013, 2016, or Office365 online platform into a powerful, world-class document distribution, contracts management and forms approval system.

SigniFlow for SharePoint enables businesses using SharePoint to prepare, send, track and sign important documents, contracts and forms from any SharePoint document library.


What is SigniFlow for Teams?

Enables real-time collaboration of documents

SigniFlow for Microsoft Teams allows colleagues or clients to join in on a Teams call, collaborate on a document together and then open it directly from Teams in SigniFlow to get the document signed. This feature allows work to get done faster and more precisely. Now everyone can work, and share a document in Microsoft Teams and make changes simultaneously. Once ready for signing simply tap the SigniFlow button from the Microsoft Teams ribbon to send for approval and signing.

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