SigniFlow Security Features

Boasting a robust infrastructure fortified by industry-leading security features, our platform stands as a bastion of protection for your valuable data. Leveraging security features and protocols that include advanced encryption algorithms, multi-factor authentication, and 24/7/365 Extended Detection and Response (XDR). SigniFlow’s security features ensure that every interaction with your documents is shielded against unauthorised access and manipulation.

Experience peace of mind in the digital realm with SigniFlow's exceptional security posture.

Confidence in Posture

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Managed XDR: The Ultimate Cybersecurity Solution

Managed XDR, powered by SecureWorks, is the epitome of cybersecurity excellence. This cutting-edge technology is supported by our expert SOC team and provides unmatched services for threat detection, response, and remediation. With Managed XDR, you can be confident that your SigniFlow transactions are safeguarded by the most advanced security measures available. 


SOC (System and organisation Controls) 2 Level Protection Managed WAF

SigniFlow adheres to SOC 2 Level standards, providing robust protection for your digital assets. Our Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) adds an extra layer of defence, continuously monitoring and filtering incoming web traffic to prevent common web-based attacks. This keeps your SigniFlow environment secure and resilient, safeguarding your sensitive data.

Uptime Monitoring and Reporting

We recognise the importance of ensuring continuous access to your digital transaction management platform. For this reason, we are thrilled to present our Uptime Monitoring and Reporting system, designed to offer unparalleled visibility and reliability for SigniFlow-hosted private tenants. With this innovative technology, you can have complete confidence that your SigniFlow environment is always accessible when required, allowing you to concentrate on your business without interruptions.


Application Security

We are dedicated to enhancing the security and trustworthiness of the SigniFlow application through continuous development, addition, and rigorous testing of security features.

  • All communication between the customer and the SigniFlow Cloud is encrypted using industry-standard 2048-bit TSL encryption, which rules out man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdropping.
  • Certified ethical hackers regularly carry out penetration testing on the SigniFlow Cloud, to ensure port and penetration safety.
  • Databases are encrypted using the latest SQL server encryption.
  • SigniFlow server and user access are tightly managed, and two-factor authentication is applied for administrative access.
  • Data backups are performed daily.
  • The SigniFlow application has a modular design, catering to multiple deployment methods with multiple layers of security.

Protected Audits

SigniFlow is the only digital signature application that embeds and protects each signer’s audit events, using steganography and cryptography.

  • This method ensures audit logs fully comply with the most stringent of measures for non-repudiation.
  • Write-once-read-many (WORM) methodology is followed to write each time-stamped audit event as data bits, hidden in the graphic (electronic signature layer), using steganography. This is then cryptographically sealed by each digital signature event.
  • The full audit log, linked to the unique document ID, can be retrieved by running the PDF through a steganography decoder.

Signature Security


Digital Certificates

SigniFlow digital signatures are created using digital X.509 certificates with built-in Private/Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) capabilities, which are verifiable by using free Adobe Acrobat© visual-trust indicators.

Long-Term Validation

SigniFlow supports long-term digital signatures. These signatures have embedded timestamps and verification information, such as CRL and OCSP, to prove the time of signing and certificate validity.


When a user signs, we apply the latest security protocols, cryptographic algorithms and key lengths endorsed by governments and banks, to protect the content of the document and make every transaction tamper-evident.

PAdES Part 2

ISO 32000-1 original PDF Signature format. SigniFlow’s approval signatures have the embedded evidence information for Long-Term Validation (LTV) and trusted Timestamp Services.

PAdES Part 3

Our signatures are based on the EU Qualified Signature format (CAdES-EPES), which is the latest PDF signature format. This allows for policy information to be added to the digital signature, for identification of the policy rules for applying and verifying such signatures.


Includes the electronic signature itself, ensuring the integrity of the signed document. Typically based on a digital certificate issued by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA). Provides basic validation and authentication of the signer's identity.

PAdES-BES (Basic Electronic Signature)

Builds upon PAdES-Basic by adding more detailed information about the signing process. Includes signer identity information, signing time, and details of the digital certificate used. Offers enhanced validation and verification capabilities compared to PAdES-Basic.

PAdES-EPES (Explicit Policy Electronic Signature)

Incorporates a predefined signature policy explicitly stating the technical and legal requirements for the signature. Guarantees compliance with specific regulations or standards by adhering to the defined policy. Provides additional assurance regarding the validity and legality of the electronic signature.

PAdES-LTV (Long-Term Validation)

SigniFlow ensures the long-term validity and integrity of electronically signed documents. It includes all the necessary elements for validation, even as technologies change or certificates expire. We use timestamping and embedding certificate revocation information to maintain validity over time.

We provide support at all levels of PAdES, ensuring regulatory compliance and legal validity across various industries and jurisdictions. 

Furthermore, we seamlessly integrates with multiple Certificate Authorities (CAs), including those participating in the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) and the European Union Trust List (EUTL). This integration allows you to obtain digital certificates from trusted CAs and achieve regulatory-compliant signatures tailored to your needs, regardless of industry or geographical location. 

By leveraging SigniFlow's capabilities, you can confidently adopt electronic signatures for your document workflows, knowing you meet the regulatory requirements and standards for electronic transactions.

Disaster Recovery

In the unlikely event of a disaster - whether natural or human-induced - our disaster recovery tools, policies and procedures will ensure the retrieval and continuation of our vital systems and infrastructure. 

  • Our servers are segregated over multiple regions.
  • Depending on the disaster region, we will divert traffic to a separate specified environment, and the affected server(s) will recover to a different designated failover location using our end-to-end backup and disaster recovery process.
  • Depending on the incident at hand, there may be a variety of external parties that will be communicated with during the response.
  • We have service-level agreements in place with all external parties to ensure that we can recover services as quickly as possible.

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