Signiflow Data Centres

Secure, future-ready cloud, and hybrid cloud services, engineered to enhance security and optimise the cost of ownership.

Accelerate migration and modernise your environments with SigniFlow for Microsoft® Azure. Available in eight global regions, each featuring localised Enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (e-PKI) services.

Engineered to Scale

Data centres
8 x Data centres covering more than 50 countries in 13 languages

SigniFlow Data Centres

SigniFlow offers more choices for data residency than any of our major competitors.
SigniFlow Glabal Data Centre Locations
Our Microsoft Azure data centres are expertly managed, making use of data fabric architecture, 24/7 monitoring tools, elastic SQL, and Azure file store technologies to ensure maximum uptime, scalability in computing power, and agility for speedy deployments.

Business cloud
Up to 60% more cost-effective to implement than our major competitor

Business Cloud

Designed to bring small enterprises and industry professionals online in minutes.

Activate your full-feature SigniFlow Business Cloud subscription online through our online payment system, or log a request for a local sales representative or a partner in your region to contact you.

SigniFlow offers eight regional data centre locations, offering SigniFlow Business Cloud services. These data centres are strategically positioned to comply with regional data residency regulations like GDPR and local eSign regulations, such as eIDAS.

Suitable for small companies, industry professionals, private individuals or larger companies with low usage requirements.

Hosted private tenant
Hosted Private Tenant solutions (Hybrid) accelerate projects up to five times

Hosted Private Tenant

A Hosted Private Tenant ("Hybrid model") refers to a SigniFlow Private Tenant, hosted in our data centre(s).

SigniFlow offers eight data centre locations using Microsoft Azure's agile data fabric architecture running in modernised containerised Kubernetes clusters to deploy, host, and manage your Private Tenant.

Connect business systems across hybrid environments with cloud-native integration workflows, and automate processes efficiently and quickly.

Suitable for companies with aggressive cloud migration strategies and outsourced platform requirements.

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