The story of us

Meet the ninjas who stitched the awesomeness that is SigniFlow together, and who keep the awesomeness going - so you only experience awesomeness

Total Confidence.


Our founders

Leon van der Merwe - Group CEO

"Leaders who embrace people-centric leadership soon realise that caring is contagious and people that feel safe and cared for, achieve extraordinary things."

Leon is the co-founder of SigniFlow Software and Datanamix Credit Information Bureau (previously pbVerify) where he leads a team of ordinary people who achieve extraordinary things. He believes the steady growth and international expansion of their software business are a direct result of being focused on the company's number one product, its people.

Eugene Smit - Group CTO

"Our electronic signature solutions prioritise security, efficiency, and sustainability, and we believe in using technology to serve people and make their lives easier."

In an era where corporate success is often measured by bottom lines and technological advancements, Eugene stands as a beacon of a different, more profound approach — one anchored in the principles of values-based leadership. He has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to aligning technological progress with the core values that define our organisation and our culture.

Time, if used efficiently, will craft the future you dream of...

Establish pbVerify Credit Information Bureau


Start development of SigniFlow Software

Establish Signflow (Pty) Ltd South Africa


SignFlow registers as a Trademark

🥳🎉 SigniFlow Launches


SigniFlow Launches 🥳🎉

🥳🎉 SigniFlow Launches


🥳🎉SigniFlow Launches 

SignFlow rebrands to SigniFlow


SigniFlow launches in LATAM markets

Establish SigniFlow Limited (UK)


SigniFlow registers international Trademarks

SigniFlow releases proprietary PKI 


pbVerify registers with NCR as Credit Bureau

Establish SigniFlow Asia Pacific (Pty) Ltd. (Australia)


SigniFlow launches in Southeast Asian markets

Establish SigniFlow Singapore (Pte) Ltd


SigniFlow launches in Middle-eastern markets

Flownamix acquires SigniFlow Group


Flownamix acquires pbVerify Credit Bureau

Flownamix acquires SigniFlow Group


Flownamix acquires pbVerify Credit Bureau

Establish SigniFlow Inc. (US)


pbVerify rebrands to Datanamix


"Our vision goes beyond just providing a product. We believe in using our technology to create a positive impact in the world, and we are constantly exploring ways to make our solutions more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

As part of this commitment, we have implemented initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and support organisations that promote environmental stewardship."

Exploring new markets


Regional Leadership

Andre Minnaar

Andre is a values-based leader whose career is a testament to the impact of integrity and compassion in the business world. From the outset, Andre has championed aligning personal values with professional pursuits, creating a work environment where every team member and customer feels valued.

Andre is the regional sales director for Africa and Subsaharan Africa and oversees international partnerships and relations.

David Saunders

David is an accomplished technology sales and marketing professional and leader, who is highly motivated, dedicated, and results-oriented. His invaluable experience in consultative sales of enterprise software, SaaS, and bespoke solutions has delivered innovative and differentiated SigniFlow solutions to the Asia Pacific markets.

David is the regional sales director for Asia Pacific where he oversees business development in Australia and Southeast Asia.

Morne Wilken

In the dynamic realm of software development, Morne stands out as a leader who not only envisions cutting-edge solutions but ensures that each line of code is written with principles that elevate both the team and the technology itself.

Morne is the director of development, under his guidance, development teams thrive, and innovation flourishes, all within a work environment where every coder feels heard and valued. Beyond the lines of code, Morne is a vocal advocate for ethical tech practices, leading initiatives in sustainability and diversity.

Melanie Horn

In the competitive sales landscape, Melanie is a leader who envisions revenue growth and ensures that every deal is sealed with principles that elevate the customer and the organisation. Beyond the sales metrics, Melanie is a vocal advocate for ethical business practices, leading initiatives in customer satisfaction, transparency, and social responsibility.

Melanie is the regional sales director for the United Kingdom from where she oversees business development for the UK, Europe and the Middle-eastern regions.

Master Ninjas

Our quirky bunch of Master ninjas are scattered across the world and strive to exceed expectations by advocating a customer-centric, values-driven culture that reflects our commitment to upholding the highest standard of integrity and accountability.
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