Digital Signing Service (DSS) 

Automated Signing and Sealing Services

Generate large volumes of trusted digital signatures or digital seals for your organisation, application, or individuals using a certificate with securely hosted signing keys.

Whether you are looking to automate large-volume bulk workloads or individual transactions to sign or seal documents, SigniFlow DSS has an integration method to suit any use case.


What are the key features and differentiators of our DSS service?

You have the option to:

Deploy on-premises, private cloud, or public cloud.
Utilise on-premises HSM and key management or our fully managed cloud service.
Transmit the document or only a hash value to the digital signing service.
Use your own PDF client library (like iText) or our .Net NuGet package.
Integrate with our RESTful API or PKCS#11 interface.

We support trusted digital certificates for:

AATL Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES) for individuals.
AATL Advanced Electronic Seal (AES) for organisations.
European Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) for individuals.
European Qualified Electronic Seals (QES) for organisations.

Our DSS signatures and seals include:

Trusted Timestamp (TSA).
Long-term validation (LTV).
Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP).
Certificate Revocation List (CRL).

We offer a trusted third-party 2FA SMS service per signature or seal.
We support unattended, automated batch signing and sealing.
Quick deployment and integration.
Extremely competitive pricing.

What is the difference between
a digital signature and a digital seal?

A digital signature represents a natural person (an individual).

A digital seal represents a legal/juristic person (organisation).

Product Functions


Hash Value (#) Function

This method ensures that the document never leaves your network. You create a short-length alphanumeric string or hash value (#) of the document which is then transmitted to the DSS. The DSS returns the signed # to your client library to finalise the signing operation and embed the digital signature in the PDF.


Very small payload is transmitted over the network.
Documents never leave the origination’s network.
Available for RESTful API or PKCS#11 integration.

PDF Library (iText, Oracle/OpenJDK, PDFBox, etc.).
Programmatic knowledge of PDF-based signatures and client libraries.

Document Function

This method transmits the PDF to the DSS. The DSS returns the signed PDF.

No PDF client library is required.
No programmatic knowledge of PDF-based signatures and client libraries is required.
Available for RESTful API or PKCS#11 integration.

Larger bandwidth and throughput requirements due to larger payload transmissions to transmit and receive the PDF.

.NET NuGet Function

By installing the .NET NuGet package, you are essentially localising the # signing function in your own network, thereby also ensuring that the document never leaves your environment. The NuGet package creates the hash value, signs the hash, and takes care of embedding the PDF signature.


No PDF client library is required.
No programmatic knowledge of PDF-based signatures and libraries is required.



Ownership and Control

Trusted digital signatures and digital seals on documents provide assurance of:
Document ownership
SigniFlow DSS embed verified information of the individual or organization in the digital certificate, including the legal name, department, e-mail, country and state.
Authenticity and integrity
Signed and sealed documents are tamper-evident.
The TSA timestamp, tamper-evident integrity and proof of authorship ensures non-repudiation.

Aligned with EU eIDAS

SigniFlow offers European Qualified Trust Services and delivers eIDAS Advanced and Qualified Certificates (AES/QES) via the SigniFlow Digital Signing Service.

Globally trusted

SigniFlow offers Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) compliant and trusted digital signatures and seals.

Aligned with GDPR and other global privacy protection regulations

SigniFlow DSS is available globally through any of our 8 data centres or you can opt to deploy SigniFlow on-premises or in your private cloud for the ultimate in compliance with data residency regulations.

Additional Features

Centralised Service
Improve, streamline, and standardise your organisation's signing processes by introducing DSS as a centralised signing service, integrated with your existing applications and workflows.
High Volume
If your organisation produces a high volume of documents that require sealing, the SigniFlow Digital Signing Service is the optimal solution. It is purpose-built for high-volume transactions and seamless integration with your existing applications.
Third-party HSM Support
SigniFlow DSS supports many HSM providers and can integrate with on-premise or cloud-based key management systems.

A non-extensive list of supported vendors includes the following:

Azure KeyVault
nShield Connect
SafeNet Luna SA
Compatible PKCS#11 provider
Thales Vormetric

System Compatibility

The SigniFlow Digital Signing Service is compatible with the following tools:
Core banking systems
Case Management Tools
Financial and accounting systems
Healthcare and e-scripting systems
Document generation tools (DocGen)
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
Rules -and decision -engines
Document generation tools (DocGen)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Document Management Systems (DMS)
Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS)
ERP systems

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