The eSign solution for legal departments

eSignature Document Workflow Software for Legal Departments.

Legal departments are ultimately held accountable for all contracts across the business, yet so many contracts are altered and signed out of sight.

Now you can streamline legal processes with Portfolios from SigniFlow.

Confidence in Non-repudiation.

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Legal Portfolios

Legal Portfolios offer a customer portal where contracts and customer docs can be uploaded, shared and sent for eSigning.

Share your Legal Portfolios with anyone, while having full control over access rights.

Anyone can upload documents while they eSign, or upload docs directly into the portal. The system will notify you via email of any actions taken.

All signed contracts are neatly filed together with their supporting documentation, creating an organised portal where documents can be easily found and managed.

It's never been easier to centrally manage contracts and documents

A tool that brings it all together and gives you visibility

Legal departments everywhere have spoken and we've listened. We get you. SigniFlow enables you to be compliant and in full control of all contracts across the enterprise.

You need more than just eSign workflow, you need a tool that understands your day at the office.

Legal Assurance

SigniFlow - Legal Compliance

The secret lies in control

Dealing with contract Law can be tricky. SigniFlow gives legal departments the ability to enforce rules across the business. Override user preference to ensure standarisation.

Legal Compliance

SigniFlow - Legal Assurance

Your job is done here

SigniFlow caters for Basic (BES), Advanced (AES) and Qualified (QES) eSignatures. TSA timestamping and an advanced body of evidence with each eSignature comes standard.

Contracts Management

SigniFlow - Legal - Centralised Contracts Management

More visibility means more time to relax

Legal teams that use SigniFlow have on average 35% more time to spend on making processes more compliant and 15% more time to take a break. Having visibility and control over all contracts across the enterprise is a game changer for legal departments.

Across the enterprise

Discover how SigniFlow connects enterprise teams

Our planet is our responsibility

Increase legal efficiency

When accepting accountability, you need to have control.

The workforce is more mobile that ever before, and demands a platform that goes wherever they go.

Reduce the time spent on trying to find out whether or not tasks have been actioned. Increase efficiency by tracking workflow progress with live audit trails.

Have a member of the legal team approve contracts before they reach the customer.  

SigniFlow - Increase Efficiency

Legal approval

Because the legal team itself seldom signs, it often happens that a signed contract does not match the approved draft.

Avoid human error with SigniFlow's approval system. A legal team member can be designated as the first  approver in the workflow.

In doing so, no one can sign the final contract without legal approval.

At the same time, it gives the legal team full visibility of the workflow, ensuring total compliance.

Know Your Customer

SigniFlow offers basic authentication, two-factor authentication, Digital Identity as well as digital KYC and AML (Anti Money Laundering).

We build and design electronic onboarding systems to help you comply with regulations.

We've gone the extra mile to ensure our Advanced eSignatures are legally binding and compliant with eSign and Privacy legislation.

SigniFlow - Know Your Customer Identity Solutions

Body of evidence

Leave nothing to doubt.

With every contract signed, SigniFlow builds up three independent audit logs, per signatory.

Every eSignature is digitally witnessed up to ten times. Evidence of idenity, process and authentication is embedded and sealed.

SigniFlow's standard, Advanced eSignatures seal the document, making the document and the workflow tamper-evident.

24/7 Online support for Legal

We understand your office hours. SigniFlow offers 24/7 online support to all customers.

No matter where you are and no matter what time it is, we are always online to help you meet your deadlines.

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