Securing a world in motion

Enabling trusted identities, payment and digital infrastructure.

Entrust enables security with a greater level of trust, in every interaction and everywhere enterprises, people, and data move.



Leverage authenticated signatures, tamper-evident documents, and timestamped agreements with certificate-based technology.



Entrust TLS/SSL Certificates provide validated identity and encryption to secure your websites, users, and data.



Entrust offers automated S/MIME certificate deployment that can scale to meet the latest industry requirements and multiple use cases.



Show your registered logo on email communications. Download our white paper to learn about VMCs and the BIMI standard.

Document Signing Solutions

Mitigate Identity and Document-Related Risks

Thanks to their great security and authenticity benefits, certificate-based signing solutions, also called digital signing solutions, have become a reference for numerous use cases around legally binding agreements*, document integrity and authenticity, and non-repudiation.

These solutions enable organisations of all shapes and sizes to better control their digital assets, fight against fraud, optimise operating costs, and increase productivity.

Learn how Entrust digital security solutions can help you.

Provide the identity of a document’s signer or author
Rely on stringent identity verification processes and verifiable signatures.

Ensure non-repudiation of signed electronic documents
Prevent document authors or signers from denying the existence or validity of a document they created and/or signed.

Combat electronic document fraud and tampering
Keep control of your organisation’s assets, prove the integrity and authenticity of electronic documents, and reduce fraud risks.

Align with security and compliance requirements
Use highly trusted digital signatures and secure sensitive credentials in Entrust hardware security modules.

SSL Certificates

Security and peace of mind

When your website is secured by an Entrust TLS/SSL Certificate, your visitors can be confident knowing that your organisation's identity has been verified and that encryption will keep their data and transactions secure.

Clearly Secure

With an Entrust TLS/SSL Certificate, your visitors never see browser alerts notifying them that your website is “not secure” or that their “connection is not private.” Invest in your reputation and great user experience with an Entrust TLS/SSL Certificate.

Unlimited Reissues
Cancel and reissue TLS/SSL certificates throughout their term without hassle or replacement fees.

Unlimited Server Licenses
Install TLS/SSL certificates on an unlimited number of servers at no extra cost.

Universal Browser Compatibility
Get TLS/SSL that is trusted by and compatible with more than 99.9% of current desktop and mobile browsers.

Robust Reporting
Avoid system downtime, security gaps, and accidental certificate expirations with automatic multi-person, multi-level expiration notifications.

x.509 Compliance
All Entrust certificates conform to the widely accepted x.509 international public key infrastructure (PKI).

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Secure email S/MIME certificates

Secure your email at any scale

Entrust S/MIME Certificates allow you to digitally sign and encrypt your email and attachments, protecting individuals and organisations from email-based attacks and data breaches. An enterprise can maintain compliance with various privacy and security regulations. Entrust’s private key escrow capabilities mitigate against the loss or theft of private keys and reduce the risk of businesses paying high penalties/fines for non-compliance.

Entrust offers automation capabilities that enable enterprises with large numbers of employees to automate the deployment and manage the life cycle of S/MIME certificates.

Scalable Security and Compliance
Provide scalable, enterprise-wide email security, and comply with privacy and security regulations related to healthcare, government, financial, and more.

Any Platform, Any Scale
Deploy S/MIME certificates to employee desktops and devices on any operating system within minutes, regardless of the number of users.

Automated Efficiency
Automate S/MIME certificate deployment, configure set-and-forget renewals, and automatic backup/restore with full private-key-history and escrow.

Verified mark certificates for BIMI

Simply the smartest way to send emails

Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs) are digital certificates that enable organisations to display their registered trademark logo in the avatar slot alongside outgoing emails.*

Our VMCs adhere to the specifications of BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) and help your emails stand out and get noticed in a crowded inbox while protecting them against fraud through DMARC’s anti-spoofing technology.

* Displays on Gmail and other email service providers that support BIMI.

More brand impressions
Increase the number of brand impressions by displaying your logo alongside every email.

Elevated brand reputation
Build customer confidence with a tech-savvy, security-conscious approach to email communications.

Increased email engagement
VMCs help your emails stand out in a crowded inbox, boosting open rates, brand recall, and purchase likelihood.

Automated installation and hosting
Entrust hosts the registered logo and certificate for an automated, hassle-free installation and renewal process.

Reduced fraud risk
DMARC’s anti-spoofing technology protects your emails against fraud.

Improved email deliverability
DMARC compliance means emails are less likely to be delivered to spam folders.

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Very good support from the vendor setting this up. Negotiation was very good, and we got alot of info before purhase. The product integrates well with alot of vendors, and supports on premise and cloud MFA.
General Management - Telecommunication
Excellent product. Very easy to implement, and when you need support it was fast and very professional. The product had all the features we wanted, and with the cloud integration even more with possibility to use SAML to integrated the on premise solution with cloud solutions.
IT - Telecommunication

The Entrust Entillegence provides us an excellent security to our digital identities but also keeps the information secured and available every time that is required.
Research and Development - Banking Industry

SigniFlow Partners With Entrust To Enhance Its Trust Services

SigniFlow is partnering with Entrust to bring current and new users’ certificate-based signing from Entrust. Entrust is a global leader in trusted payments, identities, and data security and continues to build trust in everything that it does.