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KYC with 3D Liveness detection and photo ID matching - Security certified and rated #1 in the world.

Impress your customers with a super-fast, secure online identity verification and KYC tool that accelerates compliance. Use it on its own, or plug it into your existing KYC, onboarding or eSignature workflow tools.

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3D Liveness Detection

Before you do business with someone, first make sure they are still alive. Fraudsters love to use deseased profiles to commit identity fraud.

Our universal liveness detection tool sends out a link that can be opened by anyone on any smart device with a webcam. We support over 10 billion smart devices and webcams.

The liveness session includes a quick video selfie, which captures the individual's unique facial biometrics and creates a 3D facemap. The person's liveness is verified within 2 seconds.

Now that you know they are alive and physically present, you need to ensure that you are dealing with the correct person.

We achieve this by linking the captured liveness data and 3D facemap to the individual's photo ID for face matching. - See more below

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Verifies Liveness
Verifies 3D Dimensionality
Verifies Identity


3D Liveness Detection Features

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Photo ID Match

Now that you know you're dealing with a live human, you need to ensure they are the human they claim to be.

Our solution achieves this by prompting the person to hold up their photo ID. The system has built-in templates supporting 500+ identity cards and passports globally.

The system captures high-definition images of the front and back of the photo ID. The facial image is then uplifted from the photo ID and matched to the 3D liveness facemap, before it outputs a confidence score.

Our face 3D:3D & 3D:2D matching is 20 - 100 times more accurate than any 2D matching solution on the market today

It doesn't stop there. The OCR (optical character recognition) engine extracts text from the photo ID, which can be verified against source data using our international identity verification service - See more below

Support for 500+ ID types globally, with OCR document recognition

Photo ID Match Features

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Businesses everywhere have spoken - and we've listened. We get you. Dealing with customers and suppliers, each with their own systems and processes, can be a tedious task.

You need more than just eSign workflow. You need an intuitive tool that understands your day at the office.

We get your office hours
Finally, a software company that has actual people giving its customers - and their customers - 24/7 online support, for free. Our support ninjas are the best in the game.
Industry-leading infrastructure
Connect to any of our 8 international data centres and experience true 99.9% uptime. Over the past 24 months, we've exceeded our 99.5% uptime target across all regions.
IT Security Management
Our Information Security Management System is ISO27001:2013 certified and our Quality Management System is ISO9001: 2015 certified by TÜV Rheinland.
Compliance is our game
SigniFlow's international, segregated security infrastructure ensures customer data is processed in accordance with the most stringent international privacy and cross-border data protection laws, such as GDPR, LGPD and POPI.

ID Verification

Now that you know you're dealing with a live human being, and you've matched them with a high level of certainty to their photo ID, you need a tool that can ramp up your surety even further.

SigniFlow offers just that. Dig your heals in, and experience our next-generation international identity verification service.

During the Photo ID match, the OCR engine extracts the text found on the photo ID document.

Through our international network of IDV (ID Verification) providers, SigniFlow can match the photo ID text (like names, surname, date of birth, etc) to over 200 data sources in more than 23 countries.

There's no need for you to look any further - we've got you covered.

200+ Trusted International Data Sources

ID Verification Features

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Digital KYC (eKYC) with AML

Let's quickly unpack some acronyms:

Prevent financial crime while increasing compliance with KYC regulations.

SigniFlow has partnered with the best vendors in the business, so you don't have to. Use our eKYC system on its own, or integrate our API with your existing financial and onboarding systems.

One system that manages everything, from liveness detection to photo ID verification, identity verification KYC and AML screening.

eKYC Platform


Digital KYC with AML Features

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Modular License Plans Available

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