Alternative Licensing

Introducing true workflow performance with enterprise scalability and an excellent price tag, crafted to suit your evolving strategies and budget.

Whether you opt for the hosted, or self-hosted Private Tenant option, our licenses are designed to optimise cost and promote technology adoption across the enterprise.

Engineered to Engergise

License Plans

Self-hosted private tenant
Our Self-Hosted private tenant solutions are 100% compliant with global data residency laws

Self Hosted Private Tenant

A Self Hosted Private Tenant is a SigniFlow Private Tenant hosted in your data centre(s).

Data residency refers to the physical or geographic location of an organisation's data or information. These requirements can be driven by regulations, legislation, or preference.

SigniFlow's Self Hosted Private Tenant solutions can be deployed anywhere, enabling full compliance with data residency and high-security requirements.

Connect in-house business systems, user identity schemes, and private high-security environments with cloud-native integration workflows, and automate complex processes with ease and agility.

A Self Hosted Private Tennant solution is suitable for on-premise, private cloud or public cloud deployments.

Self Hosted Private Tenant solutions come with SigniFlow's unique flat-rated annual subscription license models, so you can scale up adoption, not cost.

hosted private tenant
Hosted Private Tenant solutions (Hybrid) accelerate projects up to five times

Hosted Private Tenant

A Hosted Private Tenant ("Hybrid model") refers to a SigniFlow Private Tenant hosted in our data centre(s).

SigniFlow offers eight data centre locations using Microsoft Azure's agile data fabric architecture running in modernised containerised Kubernetes clusters to deploy, host, and manage your Private Tenant.

Connect business systems across hybrid environments with cloud-native integration workflows, and automate processes efficiently and quickly.

Suitable for companies with aggressive cloud migration strategies and outsourced platform requirements.

Business cloud
Up to 60% more cost-effective to implement than our major competitor

Business Cloud

Designed to bring small enterprises and industry professionals online in minutes.

Activate your full feature SigniFlow Business Cloud subscription online through our online payment system, or log a request for a local sales representative or a partner in your region to contact you.

SigniFlow offers eight regional data centre locations, offering SigniFlow Business Cloud services. These data centres are strategically positioned to comply with regional data residency regulations like GDPR and local eSign regulations, such as eIDAS.

Suitable for small companies, industry professionals, private individuals or larger companies with low usage requirements.

Data centres
8 x Data centres covering more than 50 countries in 13 languages

SigniFlow Data Centres

SigniFlow offers more choices for data residency than any of our major competitors.
SigniFlow Glabal Data Centre Locations
Our Microsoft Azure data centres are expertly managed, making use of data fabric architecture, 24/7 monitoring tools, elastic SQL and Azure file store technologies to ensure maximum up-time, scalability in computing power and agility for speedy deployments.


Gartner July 2022 Market Guide for Electronic Signatures

In July 2022, SigniFlow was listed as a representative vendor for Gartner, which further recognised SigniFlow in its analyst report for our unique approach to self-hosted solutions and alternative licensing schemes.

SigniFlow continues to disrupt the market with alternative license options designed for enterprises with aggressive digitisation and automation strategies.

24/7 Support

We get your office hours

Finally, a software company that has actual people giving its customers - and their customers - 24/7 online support, for free. Our support ninjas are the best in the game.


Industry-leading infrastructure

Connect to any of our 8 international data centres and experience true 99.9% uptime. Over the past 24 months, we've exceeded our 99.5% uptime target across all regions.


IT Security Management

Our Information Security Management System is ISO27001:2013 certified and our Quality Management System is ISO9001: 2015 certified by TÜV Rheinland.


Compliance is our game

SigniFlow's international, segregated security infrastructure ensures customer data is processed in accordance with the most stringent international privacy and cross-border data protection laws, such as GDPR, LGPD and POPI.

The SigniFlow eSignature complies with the EU eIDAS Regulation, the US ESIGN Act, the South African ECT Act, and many other regulations around the world, including countries like Australia, United Kingdom, United Emirates, Qatar, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and many more.

To find out more about eSignature regulations in your country, contact us for a free consultation.

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