The eSign Human Resources solution that understands the HR process

eSignature Document Workflow for Human Resources (HR) Departments.

The importance of carrying out crucial HR processes properly cannot be understated. Yet, the HR department is often overlooked, leaving HR workers swamped with paperwork and onerous physical filing systems.

Now you can streamline human resources processes with HR Portfolios from SigniFlow

Confidence in Efficiency.

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Learn why HR teams love SigniFlow

HR Portfolios

SigniFlow offers a document portal where HR documents, contracts and policies can be centrally managed.

HR Portfolios can be shared with anyone, while you maintain full control over access rights.

Give employees access to upload documents while they eSign, or directly upload docs into the portal. The system will notify you of any changes via email.

All signed contracts are neatly filed together with their supporting documentation, creating an organised portal where documents can be easily found and managed.

It's never been easier to manage employment contracts and HR documents

A tool that brings it all together and puts you in charge

HR departments everywhere have spoken and we've listened. We get you. Dealing with a wide range of issues, documents and people throughout all business departments, is a complicated task.

You need more than just eSign workflow, you need a tool that understands your day at the office.

Remote HR Onboarding

SigniFlow - HR - Remote Onboarding

Easily overcome challenges of remote hiring

Integrate SigniFlow with your existing HR tools, or use it as a stand-alone system. Either way, onboarding new employees using SigniFlow HR Portfolios is a breeze.

HR Document Portal

SigniFlow - HR Doc Portal

You are in control

Create an HR Portfolio in minutes. Share or revoke access as needed. Now anyone with access can eSign and upload supporting documents, and the system will notify you immediately of any changes.

Less HR admin, more time

SigniFlow - HR - Less Admin More time

Just imagine the processes and procedures you could implement, if you only had more time

HR teams that use SigniFlow have on average 35% more time to spend on streamlining processes, and 15% more time to take a break. Creating reusable electronic forms and templates is a game changer for HR departments

Across the enterprise

Discover how SigniFlow connects enterprise teams

Caring for the planet is up to us humans

Improve eSign process flow

If people are the heart of an organisation, then the HR team is its heartbeat.

The workforce is more mobile that ever before and demands a platform that goes wherever they go.

Now you can reduce the time spent on searching for documents and waiting on line managers to approve processes. eSigning contracts takes minutes, not days or weeks.

Track workflow progress with live audit trails, automated reminders and push-notifications.

SigniFlow - HR - Improve Process Flow

Prevent bottlenecks in HR

Knowing where or with whom your documents are, is super simple with SigniFlow.

Your Dashboard is designed to give you full insight over the progress and status of your documents in workflow.

You can drill into detail and see who has already approved, and who still needs to eSign.

You can push urgency notifications to approvers and eSigners via email.

HR teams management

SigniFlow enhances the way that companies interact and engage with its employees. Not all departments and teams are the same, neither are their policies and procedures.

Employees can be grouped into departments and teams. Templates and forms can be shared company-wide, or with a specific department or team.

Thanks to reusable templates, you only need to set things up once.

SigniFlow - HR - Process Flow

HR template management

Set it up once, then click your way to success.

Firstly, you can save the documents you use often as templates, and retrieve them with a mouse click.

Then, save approval and eSign workflow templates and re-apply them on any document with a mouse click.

Lastly, save documents and contracts as templates, then create and map overlay templates and reapply them, you guessed it, with a mouse click.

24/7 Online support

We understand your office hours. SigniFlow offers 24/7 online support to all customers.

No matter where you are and no matter what time it is, we are always online to help you meet your deadlines.

SigniFlow 24/7 Support
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SigniFlow - Testimonial Human Resources Department
“SigniFlow helped us replace paper-based processes with fully digital systems, initially within the HR department.”