What is a Certificate Authority?

A Certificate Authority (CA) is an entity that issues digital certificates to people and organisations that it has verified.

A CA is a trusted, impartial third party and the custodian of the cryptography used to produce and store the user's private key pair.

For the sake of third-party impartiality, CAs control the issuance of the digital certificates, and through integration, eSignature applications, like SigniFlow, control the signing operation.

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Certificate Authority

Electronic signatures that are applied without a digital certificate have far less legal value than electronic signatures applied by someone that has a digital certificate issued to them by a trusted CA. In essence, when an electronic signature is applied with a digital certificate, it becomes a digital signature, or advanced eSignature.

Read more about the differences between electronic and digital signatures here

CAs issue digital certificates, which are commonly referred to as Advanced Electronic  Signatures (AES) or Qualified Electronic Signatures (eIDAS QES).

Although these certificates are by name "electronic signatures", it is not easy to sign a document using just the digital certificate, and it becomes very complicated if the document needs to be signed by multiple parties.

Therefore, eSignature workflow applications like SigniFlow are enabled to securely access the digital certificate when applying a signature.  The signatures, audit logs and timestamps are embedded by the eSign software using cryptography standards that comply with legal requirements for AES and QES

CA Integration

SigniFlow eSignature document workflow software is certificate agnostic, meaning that it can be used with almost any digital certificate, issued by any CA or government root CA. 

SigniFlow has integrations with multiple CAs and government root CAs across the world, some of which include:

    1. Sign with Singpass (Singapore) for digital signature
    2. POS Digicert (Malaysia) for strong login identification, digital signature and eKYC
    3. Clave Unica (Chile - Citizens) for digital signature
    4. Segpres (Chile - Government) for digital signature
    5. ICP Brazil (Brazil) for digital signature (USB token, integration)
    6. InFile (Guatamala) for digital signature
    7. TrustPro (EU eIDAS Qualified) for Qualified Electronic Signature
    8. GlobalSign (EU eIDAS Qualified) for Qualified Electronic Signature
    9. GlobalSign (Global AATL) for digital signature and digital signing service (DSS)
    10. GlobalSign (Asia Pacific AATL) for Advanced Electronic Signature
    11. Entrust for Digital Inftrastructure
    12. EvroTrust (EU eIDAS Qualilfied) for Electronic Signature

    For a more comprehensive list of global CAs, or to find a local CA in your country, please contact us.


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    Enabling trusted identities, payment and digital infrastructure.

    Entrust enables security with a greater level of trust, in every interaction and everywhere enterprises, people, and data move.



    Leverage authenticated signatures, tamper-evident documents, and timestamped agreements with certificate-based technology.


    Entrust TLS/SSL Certificates provide validated identity and encryption to secure your websites, users, and data.


    Entrust offers automated S/MIME certificate deployment that can scale to meet the latest industry requirements and multiple use cases.


    Show your registered logo on email communications. Download our white paper to learn about VMCs and the BIMI standard.

    EvroTrust partnership

    Powerful new alliance gives businesses compliance certainty

    SigniFlow proudly announces our new partnership with Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) Evrotrust, which will enable our users to comply at the highest levels with eIDAS regulations.

    The partnership, forged in the wake of stringent compliance requirements, follows the significant uptake in eSign solutions to enable remote business transacting, in the UK and across the world.


      SigniFlow’s partnership with Evrotrust is steeped in eIDAS Regulation. This means that, with the power of Evrotrust qualified electronic signatures behind our solution, our users have the highest degree of confidence when it comes to eIDAS compliance.

      Evrotrust certification

      Sign with your own certificate

      SigniFlow's Certificate Manager is an application for users who have their own certificate on a secure signing key.

      This is available to all of our users for free under our Bring Your Own Certificate campaign.

      Simply download the application, set up your certificate within SigniFlow, and get signing.

      SigniFlow also offers PKI and  Cryptography as a Service (CaaS), which allow you to use the power of SigniFlow within your own application while we take care of the heavy lifting.



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