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In a sector that is expected to do more for less, we help accelerate service delivery for Government agencies.

Increase efficiency and save time by getting approvals and signatures faster.

Confidence in Compliance.

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The Digital Government

With a constant drive for digital transformation, it's no wonder Government agencies are feeling change-fatigued.

SigniFlow can be deployed on-premise or in your cloud, or you can take advantage of our in-country SaaS offering in Microsoft Azure for Government.

Rapidly deploy SigniFlow as a fully capable stand-alone eSign workflow system, or use it with your favourite document management or ERP system.

Digitise the last mile for internal approvals, internal sign-offs, or remote eSignatures – or mix it up in a single workflow.


Get compliant e-form approvals and documents signed off faster

An eSign automation tool that brings it all together

Government agencies everywhere have spoken and we've listened. We get you. You need to deliver electronic e-forms and e-contracts quickly, while staying compliant.

SigniFlow was built to automate and digitise processes, to achieve just that.

You need more than just eSign workflow, you need a tool that understands Government.

The Digital Government

SigniFlow - Government Agencies
Get approvals fast
SigniFlow makes it easy for government employees to send contracts for remote approval and eSignature. Standard with trackable workflows, reminders, automated filing and audit logs.


SigniFlow - Government Agencies Automation
Automating the last mile
Generate electronic forms and contracts with dynamic templates. Automate complex workflow scenarios with SigniFlow Connect. Send documents from your favourite App or document system.

Get some quality time back

SigniFlow - Government Agencies - Family
Serving the public 24/7 can be exhausting
SigniFlow gives you some of your time back to spend on the important things in life.


Across the enterprise

Discover how SigniFlow connects enterprise teams

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Join over 100,000 happy customers

  • Free digital signature
  • Three free outbound workflows
  • Unlimited inbound workflows
  • 50 Document cloud storage
  • Office 365 Plug-ins

The race to zero emissions is on

In the Spotlight

With a proud history extending as far back as 1934, Mintek has become a leading provider of minerals processing and metallurgical engineering products and services to industries world-wide.

As an organisation with continuous commitment and focus on innovation, research and development, Mintek, like many other state owned enterprises, faces the challenges of digital transformation. Addressing the people element in terms of change management and the need to adapt effectively and efficiently, were identified as top priorities.

With a complex data environment, Mintek needed a solution that would seamlessly slot into their landscape to optimise digital workflow processes and improve efficiencies.

A story of success

MINTEK utilises SigniFlow Hybrid technology to digitise critical workflow processes. Trusted digital signatures and auditable approvals are integrated with their online Microsoft SharePoint websites to ensure full accountability and compliance.
Mintek - Government Success SigniFlow
With SigniFlow, Mintek improved turnaround times for approvals and record-keeping, further affirming its position as one of the world's leading specialised technology organisations.

Leading Government agencies that can say "Eureka!"

Accelerate the digitisation of your Government agency with SigniFlow Software

Financial Intelligence Centre - FIC Government
Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission - Government
Sentech - Government
Competition Commission - Government

Landbank - Government
CCMA - Government
Merseta - Government
Eastern Cape Health - Government

Know Your Customer

SigniFlow offers basic authentication, two-factor authentication, Digital Identity as well as digital KYC and AML (Anti Money Laundering).

We build and design electronic onboarding systems to help you comply with regulations.

We've gone the extra mile to ensure our Advanced eSignatures are legally binding and compliant with eSign and Privacy legislation.

SigniFlow - Know Your Customer Identity Solutions

24/7 Support for Government

We understand your office hours. SigniFlow offers 24/7 online support to all customers.

No matter where you are and no matter what time it is, we are always online to help you meet your deadlines.

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