Month-end sign off made easy

Month-end sign offs, with all their admin and resource requirements, are too involved to be done manually and accurately.

Don't do that to yourself. Enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that digital brings.

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Confidence in Compliance

Month-end sign off with easy reference for auditing

Month end signoff made easy

The complex auditing process

Auditing is a complex process, which requires a lot of time and energy under the best of circumstances.

Throw in error-ridden manual paper processes, and you have a total nightmare on your hands.

Audits are unavoidable – but inaccuracies and disorganisation are not.

Month end signoff made easy - Audit

Create a centralised document hub

SigniFlow allows finance teams to complete monthly sign offs of bank reconciliations or large journals processed, with all the necessary supporting documentation, and store it all together in a neat, accessible databank. Allow access to those on your need-to-know list, and you're all set - Month-end sign offs and audits are a breeze.
Month end signoff made easy - benefit

The benefit of using SigniFlow for finance

SigniFlow allows organisations to assemble and standardise all company data for use by auditors, in a single secure portal. This digital organisation of data assists auditors with annual risk assessments, and detailed reports 

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More Signiflow use cases for finance teams:

Debtor's portal

Debtor's Portal:
Easy retrieval of sales documents

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Compliance in accounts payable

Accounts Payable

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"SigniFlow helps us with all our accounts payable processes, from purchase order approvals, right through to goods received vouchers and expense allocations.”

Dianne Snyman

CFO, Technical Industry

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