eSignature Connectors

Our eSignature connectors will have your document management solution automated in no time

Using eSignature connectors, you can continue using the applications you know and love, while adding the power of SigniFlow

Confidence in Simplicity.

Zapier connector

Zapier is a widely used connector that automatically moves information between your web apps, freeing up your time so you can tend to your important business tasks.

Build processes faster, and add SigniFlow eSignatures, without having to use any code.

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Zapier Connector Graphic connector

The connector allows you to get up and running in mere minutes. Using complex or simple automation, you can connect SigniFlow to another app or multiple apps to form an automated process - without the need for any code.

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Single Sign On

Single sign on (SSO) gives your business control over access to all of your systems from one location - saving you heaps of time.

Connect with a number of already available SSO providers.

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Single Sign On Connectors

Event Handler

Connecting with our specially built connector - the Event Handler - allows for a completely tailored experience.

SigniFlow sends out notifications for over 20 different events within our system allowing you to build the exact automated process you want based on simple to understand payloads.

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Salesforce plugin

Add the signing power of SigniFlow to your Salesforce instance, and open up a whole new world of possibilities.

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SharePoint plugin

Share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork; quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate with the power of SigniFlow.

Allow one of our SigniFlow experts to guide to through our APIs and help you get integrated with SharePoint

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Updraft plugin

Use SigniFlow to sign contracts produced within Updraft's contract management solution, and produce legally binding documents in no time with SigniFlow's advanced eSignature connector.

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DocFusion connector

Turn regularly used documents and forms into intelligent templates that allow workflow, document generation, document automation, and document storage with the power of SigniFlow's digital signature connector using DocFusion.


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Microsoft Office 365 plugin

Our Microsoft Office 365 plugins allow users to quickly and easily send out documents they're working on for signing.

Add the plugin to users' Microsoft suite to allow them to send out documents from Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.

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Microsoft 365 Plugins
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