Customer Onboarding:
Fully digital from A-Z

Curb frustration for you and your customers by digitising manual onboarding processes that involve in-person identification, piles of paperwork and long waiting times.

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Confidence in Compliance.

Fully digital from A-Z

Customer Onboarding - The problem

The onboarding obstacle

The period directly after the purchase - the onboarding phase - is where your customers first get to experience your product, and so it's critical for customer retention. Manual onboarding processes are often fraught with perplexity, hold ups and long waiting times, making for frustrated customers who are unlikely to renew, but very likely to spread bad word of mouth.
Customer Onboarding - Our Solution

Digitise, surprise & impress

SigniFlow offers sales teams and their customers a fully digitised onboarding experience, from A to Z. Transform account application and take-on forms into intelligent, beautifully designed online systems that wow your customers from the get go, and keep them coming back.

Customer Onboarding - The benefits

You're in control, while the system does the work

With a management portal built into it, our onboarding solution allows for full control and oversight. It enables you to take your customer on a safe digital journey that starts with ultra professional digital application forms, backed by advanced eSignatures and a process-driven back office.

  • Digital contracts are generated from the application form and automatically sent for approval and eSignature.
  • Contract terms are dynamically changed to fit the choices that the customer made on the application form.

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Sales portfolios:
Automated document grouping

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Internal collaboration:
Management of internal processes between teams

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“SigniFlow enables us to track workflows for each client in a separate portfolio, set up reminders and use the audit logs to see whether the client has viewed the documents. It’s a single portal for all our documentation – with an infinite lifespan!”

Jonathan Leahy

Business Development Manager

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