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Not only are manual processes time consuming and costly, they are also far more likely to result in errors and, in an environment where compliance is key, businesses cannot afford this.

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Confidence in Compliance

Compliance in Accounts Payable

The manual process

Compliance in accounts payable

  1. Procurement requests several quotes
  2. Quotation must be approved, signed an sent to the relevant supplier
  3. Finance raises a purchase order based on the accepted quotation
  4. Once the goods or service have been delivered, the store’s finance department receives an invoice
  5. The invoice must then be approved and signed off by the relevant manager/department
  6. The invoice must be allocated to the correct cost centre.
  7. Once the above has been actioned, only then can the invoice be captured on the ERP system
  8. Depending on the company compliance and processing procedures, the invoice can be sent for direct payment approval;
  9. Or the invoice will form part of a batch that will in turn form part of the creditor reconciliation
  10. The above would need to be signed off by the head of finance personnel

Any error along the way during this complicated & drawn-out process could mean huge delays, disputes and negative reputational consequences.  

Month end signoff made easy - benefit

The SigniFlow process

  1. A portfolio is created, where:
    • Quotes can be accessed
    • Purchase orders can be approved, signed & sent to the supplier
  2. The invoice is uploaded and sent for sign off
    • SigniFlow allows for this invoice to be input and workflowed from the portfolio
    • No more physical paperwork shifting from desk to desk for the relevant approvals
  3. Supporting documents can be uploaded at the same time, stored in the same portfolio
  4. Once signed off, Finance can process the expense

Compliance in accounts payable benefit

The benefits of using SigniFlow for Finance Teams

SigniFlow Portfolios enable finance teams to  significantly reduce errors, while creating a complete audit trail for every process.

Compliance: sorted.

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"SigniFlow helps us with all our accounts payable processes, from purchase order approvals, right through to goods received vouchers and expense allocations.”

Dianne Snyman

CFO, Technical Industry

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