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SigniFlow for finance departments automates and organises financial processes and data, storing it all in a single secure, searchable digital repository.  

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Debtors portal: easy retrieval of sales documents


The problem

Most manual invoicing systems are ineffective due to consistent invoice errors, failure to generate invoices and reminders on time (or even at all), team members generating last-minute invoices outside the system, and a bouncing back and forth between physical invoices and emails.


Our Solution

SigniFlow Portfolios is a secure digital portal, where all debtors processes, renewals, invoices, statements, etc are sent and signed off, managed and stored.

Reminders sent automatically, wherever documents are still in need of approval or signature, so you don't have to spend your time chasing these.

According to tax & accounting services firm, MYOB, 59% of overdue invoices require three or more follow ups before they’re settled... That’s a lot of time wasted on menial tasks by your finance team members, whose expertise should really be better spent.


The benefits of using SigniFlow for Finance Teams

To establish an accounts receivable system that ensures an organised and accurate process, businesses need to digitise and centralise debtors’ documents, including contracts, approvals and forms, for each individual customer or client.

SigniFlow's centralised digital portfolio system reduces manual hours, misspent time and human errors significantly.

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"SigniFlow helps us with all our accounts payable processes, from purchase order approvals, right through to goods received vouchers and expense allocations.”

Dianne Snyman

CFO, Technical Industry

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