Put a face to the name

FaceSign is a brand new method of eSigning that is as simple as taking a selfie. Backed by anti-spoofing technology, it adds an extra layer of security and non-repudiation to documents, giving you total confidence in the authenticity of signers.

FaceSign makes eSigning faster and more secure than ever before. 

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Confidence in Security

FaceSign vs leading facial recognition products

Companies around the world have built on biometrics to open up high-level biometric security to the general public. However, as advanced as it is, it’s still possible to spoof the system from time to time.

The technology behind FaceSign Liveness is over 12 times more secure and effective than other leading facial recognition products, because it has an extremely low failure rate when observing faces. FaceSign is a foolproof means of ensuring your documents are signed by a verified, living person.