The story of us
Picture this: Africa 1999: A businessman, a 90-year strong international US company. An appointment to establish a subsidiary in the continent’s then-and-now undisputed business hub, South Africa. The result: A great business that flourished unceasingly, all the while with the businessman bearing in mind that he would need to expand into digital technologies.

Elsewhere, a gutsy entrepreneurial technocrat that loves Deadpool more than his own grandmother had begun working on software that could verify a person’s identity, over the internet.

Johannesburg, 2012: The businessman and the technocrat made each other’s acquaintance. Straight off the bat it was clear - the two shared the same passion for enabling businesses to be better, faster, more secure…their common quest: build a formidable team to do it.

And just like that - faster than you can say “Elon Musk” - the wheels of what was to become a globally renowned digital automation system, were set in motion.

First, in 2013, the duo launched a data bureau system, and was joined by a handsome young guy who would take care of that part of the well-oiled machine for many years to come.

Next, they started exploring cryptography as a core technology for electronic signatures.

In 2014, they met an extraordinary coder with a colossal red beard, and together they started building an electronic signature workflow platform. A lady with a rather unique hairstyle - who happened to be able to sell a rocket to a rocket scientist - joined the team next, followed by a young, cocky programmer and an awkwardly tall database expert. And so the family grew.

In 2018, operations expanded into the US with immediate market penetration into South American countries.

Soon after in 2019, a nerdy looking chap (that may or may not be OCD), opened office in the United Kingdom, serving England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Europe.

In 2020, a firecracker entrepreneur with superhero-like abilities teamed up with a really funny sounding Australian and together they established the Asia Pacific offices in Melbourne. Asia was on the superhero's radar and with astonishing swiftness, he cracked open the vast Asian market like it was a tiny tin of tuna.

Today, the SigniFlow family is scattered all over the world, servicing hundreds of thousands of customers. Our clan is not like a family, it is a family and the game we play, is an infinite one.

Morné Wilken
Lead Software Developer

Morné is Lead Developer for SigniFlow, which he has been instrumental in developing into the world-class solution it is today. An experienced software engineer with a Bachelor of Computing (BComp) focused in Software Engineering, he is proficient in C#, jQuery, Web Design, API Development, Database Development, HTML and CSS.

Melanie Horn
SigniFlow Product Lead

Melanie joined the SigniFlow team in 2013, bringing with her 25 years of experience in the ICT sector. A former developer and solutions designer, her passion for digital transformation is a constant driving force, which lead to her being appointed as Product Manager of SigniFlow South Africa in 2018.
Bonnie van der Merwe
Digital Media Lead

Bonnie is SigniFlow’s digital marketing Lead. A copywriter, PPC specialist and grammar geek at heart, she has a history in community and IT journalism. Her passion for the written word inspires her to find new ways of using it, in conjunction with digital tools, to reach audiences of different natures.

What makes us stand out?
Over the past 20 to 40 years, we have seen how businesses that have boasted being the best, have made wins in the short-term footrace, but lost the game. BlackBerry, General Motors, General Electric, MySpace, Blockbusters, to mention a few.

We honestly cannot say that our solution is superior to any other, but then this is not our focus. Our focus is to improve ourselves, our software and our service delivery to our customers, on a daily and unending basis.

Jordan Anderson
Software Engineer

Software engineer Jordan is on a constant quest to learn new things and perfect his skills. As part of his ongoing knowledge journey, he has completed various Microsoft courses, as well as studies at IT Academy. Jordan has a “work hard, play hard” outlook and, apart from his ambition to better himself professionally at every given opportunity, likes to unwind by engrossing himself in the online gaming world, as well as collectible card game Magic: The Gathering.
David Whitehead
Solutions Architect

David, SigniFlow Solutions Architect, has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Marketing and a passion for bringing value to the customers he serves, and improving the way business is done through digital transformation and automation of paper processes. When he is not driving solutions, David dreams of driving for Ferrari, while he absorbs himself in the world of motorsports. He is also dog lover, with a keen interest in exploring the world beyond the Web.
Helen Bagnall
Microsoft AppFactory Internship Program

Helen is an experienced training and development manager with an employment history in the IT and services industry. Tasked with establishing and managing intern programmes at SigniFlow, the seasoned manager lives and trains by the saying, “See yourself as your own business”. In her personal time, Helen dabbles in the delicate arts of ceramic painting, glass art and pottery. She is also extremely partial to regular bush breakaways – without which, let’s just say, things can get ugly.

Adolph Breytenbach
Software Engineer

In addition to the kind of satisfaction only first-rate software development can bring, there are three other things get this software engineer’s hear racing - learning new things, classic cars, and tunes from what is arguably the most technically explorative and legendary decade (in terms of music) to date…the ‘80s. When he's not busy turning caffeine into code, Adolph likes to spend time with his canine companions, and riding motorbike.

Jan Labuschagne
Software Engineer

A Hoër Tegniese Skool Middelburg and Belgium Campus ITversity graduate, Jan is one of SigniFlow’s onboarding software engineers. He has three years’ experience with Laravel framework and happens to be a mean cook and baker to boot (in no small way thanks to his grandmother, whose recipes he knows by heart). When Jan is not putting his IT knowledge to excellent use – or cooking up a storm – he is absorbed in the world of motorsports.

Richard Corbishley
Software Engineer

SigniFlow software engineer Richard strives to optimise at every opportunity – be it by reducing a function’s runtime by a fraction of a second, or squeezing that last bit of performance out of an already bleeding-edge PC. And it’s kind of a case of life imitating art for this full-on propeller-head as he tries to include himself in that quest, by competing in virtual reality rhythm game Beat Saber, while also learning the intricacies of cutting-edge technologies, like .NET 5 and Nvidia TensorRT.

What we can tell you
The software you are looking at, was built by a team of people who simply do. not. quit.

Leon van der Merwe
Group CIO
SigniFlow - International

Leon has been with the company since 2012. With over two decades of experience in the ICT sector, he is a keen marketer with a passion for all things digital. His innovative spirit has been the driving force behind several new and progressive cloud solutions, such as SigniFlow and pbVerify.

Bongeka Mdaka
Customer Support

Bongeka joined the SigniFlow team in April 2019. Fascinated by all things IT, she gained extensive industry knowledge and skills through her position as IT Support Helpdesk Agent, where she dealt with computer systems, IT components and related customer enquiries. Bongeka has a National Diploma in Financial Accounting and over 2 years’ experience in the banking industry.

Eugene Smit
SigniFlow - International

Eugene is a Director and head of Software development and security architecture of the SigniFlow technology stack. A true coder at heart, possessing an arsenal of related skills, he manages the global SigniFlow infrastructure, cryptographic environments and core-systems development teams.

…A team of people who have solved and mastered some of the most complex document automation scenarios and requirements out there, in turn enabling their customers - leaders in their respective industries - to also be at the forefront of digital innovation.
André Woest
Director: SigniFlow DevOps

André leads the SigniFlow development team. With a background steeped in SQL coding, he has ten years of experience in data analytics and database architecture. His passion for software development has brought him to where he is today, being a part of the architecture behind the SigniFlow solution.

Greig Orrell
Sales Director UK, EU and UAE
SigniFlow Ltd.

Greig heads up operations for SigniFlow in England overseeing the UK, Europe and MENA regions. With 20-years of experience in digital and technological products and services, his goal is to make SigniFlow one of the market leaders in the regions. He believes the future of documentation is fully paperless – not only to the end of saving businesses from the burden of manual processes, but also the planet from climate change. In his free time, Greig can be found on the road cycling, or in the kitchen cooking up a storm. He also donates some of his time to charity, providing free CPR for children in schools.

Nicole Peddie
Web Developer

Nicole joined the SigniFlow team in late 2018 and is in control of Web development. Creative and driven, she holds a Graphic and Website Design Diploma and thrives on new challenges. Her design principles are rooted in the notion that relevant information, together with a visually striking and holistic website, will draw the attention of any potential customer.
…A team of people who are willing to burn the midnight oil, working through the night, through weekends, to meet deadlines and deliver on promises.
Andre du Plessies
Software Engineer

Software engineer André has his eyes set firmly on what he sees as the ultimate prize, that of mastering the field of software engineering. Not only has he already surmounted a major part of the mountain to get there – a bachelor’s degree in Computing – he also believes he has mastered the art of coffee making, to the point of perfection. Which comes in handy when you’re working for a high-powered software company like SigniFlow.
Renier Swanepoel
Software Engineer

Another one of SigniFlow’s young and energetic software engineers – and also team lead - Renier is also a graduate in Electrical Engineering with IT Endorsement at the University of Johannesburg. He also happens to be an avid fantasy novel fan, with the likes of the Percy Jackson and Eragon series of books already under his belt. To get his heart pumping beyond computer screens and book pages, Renier takes time on weekends to play action football and cricket.
Andrew Price
Software Engineer

Andrew found his feet in the programming world after a brief stint in psychology, which made him realise he was more passionate about getting inside the brain of a computer, than that of a human. A short time and a coding bootcamp later, Andrew found himself living out his passion, as software engineer and team lead at SigniFlow. His role allows him to do what he loves, and does best – i.e. implement and design new features for the SigniFlow system. While he is highly skilled at what he does, Andrew does have one rather strange glitch…he does it without coffee.
And to think...

Michael Springer
Group CEO
PBSA Holdings Group.

Michael has a Master’s Degree in Economics and has been with the company since its inception in 2000. Action-oriented and customer centric, he runs the business hands-on. Backed by his vision, PBSA leads the way in customer communications technology.

David Saunders
Sales Director APAC
Australia, Asia

Dave is sales director of SigniFlow’s most recent regional addition, Australia and Asia Pacific. Dynamic and dedicated, he is a highly-qualified manager with outstanding sales and management experience on a national and international level. With qualifications in both Business Administration and Marketing, Dave has an acute focus on exceeding customer service expectations and ensuring adherence to all aspects of business compliance.

Reece de Beer
Deployment Team Lead

Reece leads the SigniFlow deployment team and has been with the company since early 2018, when he joined the team as a website builder. A keen technology buff and self-taught IT boffin, he spends much of his spare time in pursuit of further knowledge about the craft he is passionate about.
...This dedicated team, is the very same team that is at your disposal - at your beck and call - when you invest in our products.
Philippus Jordaan
Software Engineer

The position of Software engineer at SigniFlow is Philippus’s first official job, with him having studied BSc (IT) in Computer Science and Informatics at one of South Africa’s top universities, the University of Johannesburg. His free time is divided between gaming and fitness activities, with Dungeons and Dragons 5E, PC games and reading being his indoor diversions – and hiking and CrossFit his outdoor interests.
Dawie Geldenhuis
Software Engineer

Although Dawie would describe what he does at SigniFlow simply as, “I drink coffee and I code things”, we all know that, as one of the team’s awesome software engineers, it’s way more than that. Apart from his educational merits – a BComp specialising in Software Engineering – Dawie spends his days intensely focused on creating the best web applications and features in the known world. The dedicated coder also happens to be a dedicated Swiftie, and keen Game of Thrones fan.
Yonela Makupula
Support Engineer

“Customer Service” is this software support consultant’s middle name. Her first name is Yonela, and she is passionate about helping people. Having previously worked as a consultant at one of South Africa’s top banks, she also has an International Diploma in IT at CTI. When Yonela isn’t busy helping customers and the people around her in general, she likes to put her feet up with a good book. She is a firm believer that she can do anything she puts her mind to.
...And that, we can confidently say, is what makes us stand out above the rest.

Andre Minaar-Scheepers
Global Channel Partner Lead

Andre joined the Company in 2018 with over ten years technical and sales management experience in Information and Communication Technologies. Andre is extremely passionate about his products and his customers. He is dedicated to delivering outstanding service and his loyalty to customers goes beyond the extra mile.

Joe Payne
ISO:27001 Practitioner

Joe is head of IT at SigniFlow and has an education in Microsoft, ISO27001, ITIL, and Project Management (NQF L6). But he’s more than just a propeller-head. In his spare time, Joe is a real family man, who enjoys the outdoors and listening to music – or simply putting his feet up in front of the TV with his wife and kids.
Lizette van Loggerenberg
Support Supervisor

SigniFlow’s Support Supervisor, Lizette, is used to managing a team – having previously held management roles in various industries. She also has a background in customer service in one of the biggest industries in the business world, banking. When she is not dedicating her time to the team and SigniFlow’s customers, or furthering her knowledge, Lizette can be found snuggled up next to her blue-eyed feline friend, binge watching series – or in a tattoo parlour, getting her ink on.

Anelle van Rooyen
Business Analyst

Anelle is one of SigniFlow’s business analysts. An introvert at heart (although you’d never say so), she holds a Diploma in Software Development. In her free time, Anelle loves to read – fantasy being her genre of choice. Also a lover of dogs and abnormally avid lover of Italian food, Anelle dreams of one day being a ninja. And getting paid for it.

Palesa Thulo
Software Engineer

Palesa’s wanderlust has led her to many places, the latest being right here, at SigniFlow. Before landing the position of SigniFlow engineer, she studied Mandarin and Business Analysis in the world’s most populous country, China. Having majored in Software Development, Palesa holds a National Diploma in IT and regards software development as a kind of magic with the ability to make people’s lives easier. Which makes her happy.
Siphokazi Zozo
Customer Support

Driven to continuously take her knowledge of and expertise in the IT industry to new heights, Siphokazi is one of SigniFlow’s support agents. She is a highly accomplished IT tester, assistant and consultant and has a National Diploma in Information Technology behind her name. She is passionate about all aspects of IT – in the lines of both hardware and software.

Mpho Tiasane
Customer Support

Before joining SigniFlow as support agent, Mpho did sales and support for companies like Nokia, Cell C, Vodacom and Microsoft (you may have heard of some of these). A big fan of J.K. Rowling’s most acclaimed work, Mpho has completed several Harry Potter movie marathons. When he isn’t working hard to bring his own magic to SigniFlow customers, the self-professed button presser likes to spend his time reading and appreciating two of life’s great offerings – music and food.

Tracy Hoosman
HR Secretary

Tracy is a central part of the team at SigniFlow, having been with the company since 2009. As Executive HR Secretary, she works with payroll and assists customers with franking machine resets. Prior to joining the team, Tracy worked as a personal assistant to an HR manager who, being quadriplegic, had special needs. Loyal and hardworking, she is on an endless quest to learn new things.
Chantell Harris
Expenditure & Procurement Accountant

Chantell is part of the furniture here at SigniFlow, and it’s hard to imagine the company without her. Having started out as Contracts Administrator in mid-2007, her dedication took her up a couple rungs – first to Debtor’s Supervisor, and finally to her current role of Expenditure and Procurement Accountant. Although she has several laurels under her belt (Diploma in Business Management & Admin, ICB Bookkeeper, ISO9001 Certificate are some of them), these are not what she is primarily known for. Chantell is a deeply passionate about her job, a true team player and she can put a smile on your face quicker than you can say “sunshine” (which is incidentally one of her favourite words). She also loves animals, the outdoors and music.

Danny Harmse
Customer Support

Danny is one SigniFlow’s resident right-brainers. She has an N6 Certificate in Art and Design and, prior to joining SigniFlow as support agent, was a graphic and web designer for about two years. Despite her life-of-the-party personality, Danny’s favourite pastime is binge-watching series with her canine companion – just a girl and her dog. When it comes to what makes her tick, anything creative and unique will do it.

Cameron Goliath
Customer Support

Giant by name, young’un by nature – support agent Cameron is one of SigniFlow’s youngest team members. Apart from bringing with him the fresh perspective and optimism only youth can, he also brings to the team his knowledge of digital marketing – thanks to the Certificate in Digital Marketing he achieved at Varsity College. Although Cameron has had a few promotional jobs, and done some voluntary work – his customer-facing position at SigniFlow is his first full-time one.
Luke Lyer
Software Engineer

SigniFlow engineer Luke is another contributor to bringing the average age of SigniFlowers down. He jumped straight out of Belgium Campus iTversity (where he specialised in Software Development), into his first career step at SigniFlow. Luke’s short-term goal is to absorb as much knowledge – and the contagious spirit of innovation – SigniFlow offers, and then become a full stack engineer. Apart from IT and automation, Luke’s heart belongs to the motoring industry.

Wickus Fourie
Revenue & Contracts Accountant

Wickus is a SigniFlow veteran, having joined the company in mid-2007 as Service Controller. His hard work and commitment to his job soon saw him climbing the ladder, landing him the position of Service Controller, then Contracts Administrator, and finally Revenue and Contracts Accountant. Officially, Wickus is a qualified ICB Bookkeeper. Unofficially, he is qualified in the fine art of human kindness. Apart from his love of seeing people happy, he has a soft spot for animals, and a keen interest in cars, music and antiques.

Aiden Rheeder
Software Engineer

Aidan is part of SigniFlow’s young and energetic engineer team. He is also another one of the company’s creative forces, with a passion for anything and everything artistic – his first love here being music. When he is not donning his engineer cap and relishing in the design opportunities it affords him (especially when it comes to front-end design), Aidan is strumming it out on his guitar.
Maikel Achi
Software Engineer

SigniFlow engineer Maikel holds a BSc in Computer Science and Informatics. He is proficient in C#, Java, SQL, .NET, Web and Mobile Development. Maikel spends the little free time he has on fitness- and gaming-related activities, and he has a keen interest in financial markets. He is also fluent in what is regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful written languages, Arabic.
Melissa Pretorius
Customer Support

Mysteries and makeup connoisseur by night, and part of SigniFlow’s awesome and energetic support team by day, Melissa was previously senior account manager at a digital marketing agency, where she gained a wealth of digital marketing experience over six years. Her penchant for mystery and cosmetics is trumped only by her passion for Customer Service.
Sean Bennett
Data Bureaux Lead

Sean, SigniFlow’s credit bureau department head, has been with the company since 2011, when he took up a sales role for pbVerify Credit Bureau. Sean is fascinated by all things relating to digital identity, and the technology associated with it. When he is not devising means of using technology to better business, he is most likely to be found busy with his personal passions, running and swimming.
Marko Coetzee
Software Engineer

Marko, software engineer team lead at SigniFlow, studied for Computer Science Bachelor at South Africa’s pioneering ITversity, Belgium Campus, and also has MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) certification for Web Applications. He has a penchant for long walks “on the beach” (that’s developer dialect for “to the fridge”) and, like many other creatures in his field, is a creature of the night.

Marijke De Klerk
Software Engineer

Russell Sheldon
Software Engineer



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