Easy authorisations:
Instant signatures & approvals

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Procurement processes: Speed & accuracy from the get-go

Easy authorisations for procurement teams -Instant signatures and approvals

The Problem

Most procurement processes start with getting authorisation from the relevant parties.

But, given everyone’s busy and diverse schedules, you find yourself running around trying to get the required signatures and approvals from the right people at the right time – and end up feeling like pulling teeth would be easier.

Add physical paper and roving files to the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster and confusion.

Easy authorisations for procurement teams - Automated document grouping - Benefit

Our Solution

SigniFlow’s document workflow automation allows you to stay put, simply upload the document you need signed or approved, and send it to the relevant person/people to take the required action immediately. The authorised document is instantly returned to you – and you can move on to your next important task.

Easy authorisations for procurement teams - Automated Document Grouping

Speed & ease of use

Designed to get your documents approved and returned using minimal time and effort, SigniFlow workflows are easy to set up, and come with a host of features to optimise every individual workflow, or automate multiple ones.

Voila! No more delays, frustration and wasted energy.

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Easy authorisations for procurement teams - internal collaboration

Internal collaboration:
Internal sharing and access rights

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Easy authorisations for procurement teams - Fast, efficient audits

Fast, efficient audits:
Organised and accessible information

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"SigniFlow has been a lifesaver. It gives us oversight over all our procurement activities, so we can always see our money is going into the right places.”

Chantell Harris

Procurement Accountant

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