Fast, efficient audits:
Organised and accessible information

Audits. They're as unavoidable as they are necessary. Unfortunately, they're also often the cause of soaring stress levels - for everyone involved.

Stress not. SigniFlow for Procurement Teams assembles and organises ready-to-access files, making for silky smooth audits. 

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Confidence in Efficiency.

Procurement audits: They don't have to be so complicated

Fast, efficient audits - Burden

The audit burden

Audits can be seriously complicated, energy-sapping, and time-consuming.

They require acute accuracy and near-supernatural organisation and management skills. But procurement teams are only human and, where manual paper processes are in the mix,  so are errors and oversights.

So the answer lies in automation.

Fast, efficient audits - Solution

The procurement solution

Portfolios: Our powerful automation feature that has proven to be a magic potion for procurement teams. It helps them organise their processes and not only survive, but crush, monthly audits - with their sanity intact.

With SigniFlow Portfolios, there is no more physical pulling of files from an abyss of paper. There is no more chasing different people to track down different documents. No more doubt. No more disorganisation.

Fast, efficient audits - Benefits

The benefits

Procurement teams can store signed contracts, invoices and reconciliations within catalogued digital portfolios, together with supporting documents for ease of access.

This digital organisation speedily assists auditors with risk assessments and detailed reports.

With portfolios, processes that would ordinarily take hours or even days, can take mere minutes.

Save time. Save money. Save sanity.

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"SigniFlow has been a lifesaver. It gives us oversight over all our procurement activities, so we can always see our money is going into the right places."

Chantell Harris

Procurement Accountant

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