Single Sign On Providers

Single sign on (SSO) allows your business to take control of access to all of your systems from one location. SigniFlow fits right in, by offering the following methods on customer hybrid servers:

  • Active Directory (LDAP/S)
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Okta

Confidence in Ease of Access.

Active Directory

SigniFlow handles Active Directory and LDAP/S integrations to allow users to sign in, and automatically apply licenses if users are on a specified group.

SigniFlow will request this information when setting up your hybrid server, and everything will be finalised for you. 

Azure Active Directory

A seamless integration with Azure allows you to sign in using your Azure user credentials, and gives you the ability to control access from one location. This makes single-click login to SigniFlow possible.

Azure activity directory will be set up on your behalf during your SigniFlow hybrid server setup.

Okta Single Sign On

With the cloud serving as a central hub for all your key information systems, you can give your team immediate access to SigniFlow using Okta - a known leader in SSO solutions - working with IT departments to develop dependable, scalable, and forward-thinking strategies.

Region Based SSO Providers

SigniFlow integrates with SSO providers from around the world including:

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