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Connect with EventHandler which will allow you to create a completely automated tailored experience. SigniFlow sends out notifications for over 20 different events within our system allowing you to build the exact process you want based on simple to understand payloads.

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What does EventHandler do?

Receive Events

You can set up your event handler to accept and handle all of the events SigniFlow sends or only specific ones.


Automate Your Process

Connect your EventHandler to trigger your processes and automate your workflow lifecycle.

connect with eventhandler
Building eventhandler

Building your EventHandler

We have a number of templates available to customers to get them up and running quickly. Our base template contains a receiver endpoint, a list of events and the correct response payloads to be sent back to SigniFlow.

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Customers from all over the world have set up their own EventHandlers to monitor, create, and integrate with SigniFlow. Using our full API Guide you will be automating your business in no time. 

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