Internal Collaboration:
Internal sharing and access rights

Procurement departments are central business units, which means the work they do affects and involves other teams. And to ensure the wheels of the business turn smoothly, everyone needs to be on the same page.

But that cannot happen when there are a bunch of different pages flying about.

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Confidence in Efficiency.

Bin the paper, bin the silo effect

Internal collaboration - Disconnect

Disconnected = Disorganised

No team is an island. But when a business leaves its teams to their own (manual) devices, the result is a bunch of disconnected islands, divided and powerless.

To enjoy smooth day-to-day operations and, in turn, a healthy bottom line, an organisation's teams need to share quality communication, and common protocol.

Internal collaboration - Sharing

Sharing is faring (well)

SigniFlow Portfolios unites the islands. It is a central digital portal, where documents are sent, signed off, managed and stored.

Procurement teams can then grant access to the necessary teams, so that each one shares the same insight and info. Different levels of access can be configured, and access can be revoked as needed.

No more silo effect.

Internal collaboration - Benefits

Benefits of procurement Portfolios

Portfolios can be set up per supplier, per creditor, per staff member or team, etc and managed using an aligned approach that enables oversight, collaboration, order and record keeping (audit logs).

In this way, procurement teams are instantly accountable, ready to answer to any given department or individual, at any time.

Sometimes, it’s good to have all your eggs in one basket.

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Fast, efficient audits:
Organised and accessible information

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Easy authorisations:
Instant signatures or approvals

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"SigniFlow has been a lifesaver. It gives us oversight over all our procurement activities, so we can always see our money is going into the right places."

Chantell Harris

Procurement Accountant

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