Internal Collaboration:
Document sharing between teams

When it comes to collaboration between sales teams and other key business departments, organised & accessible documentation is crucial.

Messy documentation seriously slows business down. Organised internal systems make for a successful business.

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Confidence in Collaboration

Management of internal processes between teams

Management of processes between teams - Problem

The challenge

No team is an island. Sales teams need to speak to finance, legal and procurement teams (to mention a few) to tie efforts together and keep the wheels of business turning smoothly.
Management of processes between teams - Solution

Organise & collaborate

Portfolios enable internal teams to pool resources and tie projects together in one central digital repository.

Once a portfolio is created, access can be granted or revoked as needed and team members can send, sign, upload and manage files together. Every time an action is taken, everyone included in the portfolio is notified.

Management of processes between teams - The Benefit

Automatic follow up

The system automatically sends out reminders until all the necessary signatures or approvals are concluded.

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Sales portfolios:
Automated document grouping

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Customer onboarding:
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“SigniFlow enables us to track workflows for each client in a separate portfolio, set up reminders and use the audit logs to see whether the client has viewed the documents. It’s a single portal for all our documentation – with an infinite lifespan!”

Jonathan Leahy

Business Development Manager

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