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Automated document grouping

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Sales Portfolios - Automated Document Grouping

The challenge

The list of documentation required throughout a sales cycle is huge and anything less than slick, organised systems could spell chaos, lost opportunities, and missed targets.
Sales Portfolios - Automated Document Grouping - Solution

Our solution

SigniFlow Portfolios offer sales teams a centralised repository where contracts, forms and accompanying documents can be grouped and digitally filed together, and a system created whereby each customer has their own portal, which can be shared between salespeople.
From each portfolio, all contracts, forms, invoices, orders, etc can be sent, signed off, managed and stored – and then referenced and easily retrieved at any time by those the portfolio is shared with, via SigniFlow’s search function.

Sales Portfolios - Automated document grouping - Benefit

Quickly seal the deal

In cases where documents require a signature (whether from a customer, supplier, or salesperson), the sales team has the option of setting automatic reminders, so the system automatically nudges signatories to sign/approve where required, and all ends can be promptly tied up…

Deal sealed.

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"SigniFlow enables us to track workflows for each client in a separate portfolio, set up reminders and use the audit logs to see whether the client has viewed the documents. It's a single portal for all our documentation - with an infinite lifespan!"

Jonathan Leahy

Business Development Manager

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